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Model.png Imperial Fighters

(1 vote)

Now these are interesting ships, these are the Imperial Courier and Trader from the old DOS game Frontier Elite II.SquireJames was going to release th…

 Squire James 2007-11-24   5.17 MB 398 Comments: 3

Model.png Imperial Retribution Battleship

(5 votes)

It's finally here, and it looks every bit as spectacular as you could hope. The Imperial Retribution Class Battleship is a massive ship.

 ragnar603 2008-08-13   2.84 MB 485 Comments: 8

Model.png Imperial Trader Heavy Fighter

(6 votes)

Another cool looking ship from Squire James. Again, It has no ODF file so it can't be used as complete ship straight off, but those who know how shoul…

 Squire James 2003-10-18   9.37 KB 442 Comments: 1

Model.png Ju'Day Class - Maquis Raider

(4 votes)

This is a Ju'Day Class marquis ship, the model and textures are created by Deemon but includes odf & accessories.

 Porty 2004-07-23   900.25 KB 1,869 Comments: 9

Model.png Kazon Ship Pack

(10 votes)

This MOD adds the Kazon Fighter and Ogla to A2. The Fighter is small and monuvable, while the Ogla is large, powerful and can build fighters, but is v…

 Omega1989 2002-11-24   385.48 KB 2,244 Comments: 4

Model.png Legons

(7 votes)

God bless Lego. No, really, bless it. How many of us can honestly say we didn't make loads of things out of it, including spaceships that looked reall…

 Adam_Atlantian 2007-04-01   903.89 KB 279 Comments: 10

Model.png Liberator Class

(3 votes)

Well here she is, The Liberator from Blake's 7. An advanced battleship with superior 'Force Wall' defence sheilding, and powerful Nuetron Blasters.

 Avon 2005-06-30   1.07 MB 746 Comments: 8

Model.png London Class

(2 votes)

London Class Heavy Cruiser, the textures are a bit bland, but the model gets point for originality.

 Beginner 2005-04-29   167.88 KB 342 Comments: 6

Model.png Mantra Scout

(2 votes)

It's not everyday you get a new ship that is completely of an unknown configuration (at least to me anyway) so it's a healthy thing to see a rather pe…

 Unknown / Anonymous 2007-11-14   607.23 KB 247 Comments: 3

Model.png Medasher Class

(10 votes)

From the Mail: Medasher Class by Meda The screenshots are installed in the exe.

 Medafusion 2006-05-21   1.64 MB 505 Comments: 14