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Squire James, 2007-11-24

Now these are interesting ships, these are the Imperial Courier and Trader from the old DOS game Frontier Elite II.SquireJames was going to release these in our Christmas Contest but since it's only for stations, he has kindly released them for general use. These ships remind me of some of the fighters from Star Wars (Shows you how much I know about Star Wars Tongue) with the Courier reminding my of the Naboo Fighter a bit.

The Quality of these ships is very very good and they look excellent, and look alot better than their original counterparts in the original game Smile. These ships are accompanied by their own Beam Weapons, Sound effects and physics file so you are getting quite a package with these ships.. A very good mod, I would definitely recommend these!



Imperial Heavy Fighters

In the ELITE/Frontier Elite II Universe, these are the two premier ships of the Imperial Navy, the Imperial Courier and the larger Imperial Trader. I have included weaponry for both ships, fitting what they would carry in military service rather than the civilian models in Frontier. The Courier mounts a 20 MegaWatt Beam Laser, and the larger Trader carries the formidable 100 MegaWatt Beam Laser.

To Install, copy all files from their respective folders into the same folders in your armada 2 directory. Then, add the following lines to the indicated .spr files. You can then add Icourier.odf and Itrader.odf to whatever edit menu, shipyard etc you wish, and any techtree you see fit.


20mw BEAM20 0 0 128 32 @anim=tex1x4
100mw BEAM100 0 0 128 32 @anim=tex1x4


impcourierw1 icourierWire 0 0 64 64
impcourierw2 icourierWire 0 0 64 64
impcourierw3 icourierWire 0 0 64 64
impcourierw4 icourierWire 0 0 64 64
impcourierw5 icourierWire 0 0 64 64

imptraderw1 itraderWire 0 0 64 64
imptraderw2 itraderWire 0 0 64 64
imptraderw3 itraderWire 0 0 64 64
imptraderw4 itraderWire 0 0 64 64
imptraderw5 itraderWire 0 0 64 64

b_impcourier icourierButton 0 0 64 64
b_imptrader itraderButton 0 0 64 64

To use the alternative textures for the two ships, simply rename one of the alternates to simply ImpCourier.tga or ImpTrader.tga .

Texture Descriptions:-

ImpCourier.tga - default - Unmarked Heavy Fighter Model of the 13th Imperial Household Dragoons "The Four Leaf Clovers"
ImpCourierB.tga - alternative - ELINT Model Imperial Courier of the 88th Imperial Carabiners "The Desert Rats"
ImpTrader.tga - default - Unmarked Heavy Fighter Model of the 7th Imperial Household Dragoons "The Lucky Seventh"
ImpTraderB.tga - alternative 1 - Asteroid Mining Model of the 177th Imperial Transport Flotilla
ImpTraderC.tga - alternative 2 - Freighter Model of the 177th Imperial Transport Flotilla
ImpTraderD.tga - alternative 3 - Troop Transport Model of the 177th Imperial Transport Flotilla


All work included has been made by me, with the exception of the Beam Laser sound which is from Frontier First Encounters (a game long since made shareware, and the sound was extracted and hosted by George Hooper). In order to use these ships in your mod, in whole or in part, email me at, and we can discuss the matter.

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#1 dan1025 2007-11-24 14:01
No pics?, ah well I'll download it based on the description :-)
#2 IKS_Yo_Mama 2007-11-24 14:03
Damn I forgot them...will add them now
#3 thunderfoot006 2007-11-24 17:37
These are really cool! They are also very different. Wonder how they'd look in Romulan Green? Thank you for an early Xmas Present.

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