London Class London Class

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Beginner, 2005-04-29

London Class Heavy Cruiser, the textures are a bit bland, but the model gets point for originality.

London class by beginner

London class cruiser

Install instructions

1. place odf in the odf / ships folder

2. place tga's in the textures / rgb folder

3. place sod in the SOD folder

4. add

london.odf 0

to a techtree ( tech 1, freetech or both)

5. add

b_London gblondon 0 0 32 32

to the last line in federation build buttons

6. add to a station


buildItem5 = "london"


a) there is a bug with the hardpoints, this should not be noticeble

b) the ships textureas are somewhat bland

this was made entirely by me (except the stock BC parts nacelles and textures)

Tools used:

milkshape 3D version 1.6.6a


storm3D viewer

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#1 STGamerNew2002 2005-04-29 13:35
Hey Beginner,

Well, I will give ya credit for the screen name selection alright. I would assume this was your first attempt. It's a GOOD start, but I will have to agree on the texture.

Just isn't VERY GOOD - much much 'bland'. And the design of it, maybe abit more 'designing' can be done of it.....just a personal opinion. :P
#2 steel2 2005-04-29 15:07
I dont wish to be mean, but those angles of the ship are probably the worst angles ive ever seen, you cant barely identify what it is your looking at, srry but its true.
#3 draconis_sharp 2005-04-29 16:36
I would agree about the angles.
#4 ZeroSystem 2005-04-29 17:57
nothing but side views.
#5 smc 2005-05-08 09:30
I think its an excellent attempt
#6 Beginner 2005-05-08 15:50
has anybody been able to get the buildbutton working?

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