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Unknown / Anonymous, 2007-11-14

It's not everyday you get a new ship that is completely of an unknown configuration (at least to me anyway) so it's a healthy thing to see a rather peculiar and strange ship such as this one the Mantra Scout Vessel. In all honesty, I have never heard of or seen a race called the Mantra so I can't give you a detailed introduction into their concept or background but from what the author says this is from his
Beyond the Void" Mod and the 'Mantra' race is from his old Star Trek RPG setting.
I haven't heard about the Beyond the Void mod but it could be something to do with the old DOS game Radix: Beyond the Void, which would explain the odd arcade 2D-shooter style colouring of the hull textures for this ship.

The ship itself has got a good shape to it, but some will be put off by the textures.. If like me, you see this ship as a novelty ship, then it will seem quite cool. I actually like the royal blue/yellow textures, makes it look like an old skool arcade fighter. However it would be nice to have the option to choose between this old style DOS texturing and maybe even a stock-A2 type texturing but at the end of the day the textures make this mod stand out!

It gets a thumbs up from me! Thumbsup


(Note to Author can you contact us with your Username/Alias and email address so we can put your name alongside this mod?)

Mantra Scout Vessel

From my mod "Beyond the Void"
The `Mantra` race is from my old Star Trek RPG setting.

Installation Instructions

SOD in the Sod file
Odf`s in the odf file (ships and other for the phyics.odf)
Textures in to RGB file
And the bmp file in to bitmaps/Admarlslog/ship images

I’ve added my `stock` ships in to the Romulan race (they have cloaks as standard)

So add the following lines to the mentioned files

To and add (techtree folder)

mscout.odf 0

And to gui_global add (sprites)

# Mantra build buttons
b_mscout bgmscout 0 0 64 64

# Mantra Ship Wireframes

mscoutw1 mantrawire 0 0 32 32
mscoutw2 mantrawire 0 0 32 32
mscoutw3 mantrawire 0 0 32 32
mscoutw4 mantrawire 0 0 32 32
mscoutw5 mantrawire 0 0 32 32

then in the odf/stations/ryard


buildItemXX = "mscout"
where XX is the next item on the buildItem list.

The odf files are a bit over done and will be streamlined….soon
The wireframes are incomplete and contain `the fleet` wires

I did it all, I tell ya and its all mine...mine I say...precious.
But permission to use, granted and to make suggestions (helpful ones)

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#1 Temporal 2007-11-14 10:56
Finally a blue and yellow space zig-zag of me own! The textures could do with some detail.
#2 dan1025 2007-11-15 09:49
A little too odd, and the textures could use some work
#3 Rancon 2007-11-16 21:17
1.Beyond the Void is a `Role Playing Game` (dice and paper) setting from years ago made by me and others in my old Gamer group, before TNG, DS9 or Voyager.

2. The ship was origonaly compleatly white..dull

3. Will try for more detail in the textuers

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