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Model.png Forerunner Command Ship

(9 votes)

Forerunner Command Ship By the One and only Dragon Master Thi ship looks like um...

 Dragon Master 2005-06-26   735.55 KB 723 Comments: 6

Model.png Futurama Ship Collection 1.0

(4 votes)

"What was that we just destroyed then?" "That would be the hubble telescope, sir." "What is THAT then?" "That would be the enemy mothership, sir."…

 Cylon54 2006-02-11   352.09 KB 466 Comments: 9

Model.png Ganean Construction Ship contest entry

(6 votes)

A while ago, there was a group working on a mod called "the Sands of Time". It was cancelled shortly after it began, and FahreS was a part of the team…

 FahreS @ -=WiCKeD=-HARKER 2009-05-25   1.97 MB 411 Comments: 6

Model.png George W Bush Starship

(26 votes)

This is the George W Bush starship mod, complete with over 30 of his classic "bushisms." This mod is an original model with 3 new weapons.

 Blindeye01 2005-07-20   13.58 MB 911 Comments: 44

Model.png Gomtuu (Tin Man)

(6 votes)

This is the Gomtuu or "Tin-Man" as it is known to the Federation. The Gomtuu is a living organism, the last of it's kind, and this mod certainly does…

 Slider17 2007-09-29   222.75 KB 526 Comments: 6

Model.png Gorn Destroyer

(15 votes)

A nice Gorn ship based on ye olde Star Fleet Battles game.

 BOLOXXXIV 2002-11-25   698.43 KB 619 Comments: 8

Model.png GreenField Class

(4 votes)

This is the Greenfield Class by the one and only magical Sherman2 Its like uhm..... a long black stick with green on it lol.

 Sherman2 2005-04-19   111.29 KB 390 Comments: 4

Model.png Heart of Gold (New)

(5 votes)

I bet the probability drive didn't expect this any time soon! The new version of the "Heart of Gold" from the sci-fi comedy, "The Hitchiker's Guide t…

 Cylon54 2006-08-24   478.66 KB 408 Comments: 1

Model.png Hydran Vessels

(11 votes)

These ships are ports of the Hydran Ships seen in Star Trek: StarFleet Command 2, and Challenger did a very good job converting them.

 Challenger 2002-08-03   553.15 KB 1,600 Comments: 8

Model.png Iggy's Scimitar

(16 votes)

This is essentially the same model that Bryan converted, but Iggy has went a step further and has constructed the Theleron Weapons of it, and they loo…

 Iggy 2003-01-18   354.66 KB 2,530 Comments: 0