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Model.png Mercenary Smuggler

(2 votes)

I've been watching the modding career of CanadianBorg with interest-- mostly because that career has lasted about a week and seen about four mods rele…

 CanadianBorg 2008-07-26   1.46 MB 367 Comments: 13

Model.png NASA Space Shuttle

(18 votes)

Well, we have the Enterprise on this site in many forms. The 1701, A, B, C, D, E and J. And the NX01 as well as fan designs for F & G.

 PROGArrO 2008-04-21   4.01 MB 623 Comments: 19

Model.png New Federation Construction Ship

(10 votes)

Well, what we have here is a nice new Construction ship for the Federation. Whilst it doesn't exactly look "right" it does look nice, though I see it…

 Willsk8forfood15 2006-05-15   116.24 KB 932 Comments: 8

Model.png Nexum Class (Nebula Constructor)

(10 votes)

Well All, though basic, and could do with some additional (updated) models and textures, this file is very unique and a nice addition to the collectio…

 ArcherScott 2006-02-07   976.83 KB 586 Comments: 2

Model.png Normandy from Mass Effect

(5 votes)

For those of you who have played Mass Effect, you'll recognize the SSV Normandy instantly as it's the main character's ship.

 Cylon54 2008-07-29   555.95 KB 566 Comments: 3

Model.png Orion Dreadnought and Destoryer 1.0

(4 votes)

What we have here are a few Orion ships. They both look very nice and are but a small preview for a full race mod.

 Dragon Master 2004-11-13   944.25 KB 1,362 Comments: 0

Model.png Orion Ship Pack

(4 votes)

Four conversions from SFC2 for y'all, including a rarely-seen but often-referenced race, the Orions.

 CanadianBorg 2008-07-28   2.09 MB 559 Comments: 16

Model.png Orion TOS Swift Solaria class

(5 votes)

Not a bad TOS design ship - take a look at the screenshots!

 Terradyhne 2004-04-09   301.34 KB 586 Comments: 5

Model.png P Fleet

(2 votes)

Star Trek: The Pirkinning was a fan made film featuring a colossal battle between the forces of Babylon 5's Earth and that of an alternate dimension-w…

 adm_tyler 2007-09-02   700.03 KB 404 Comments: 5

Model.png Pangalactic Federation Battleship

(7 votes)

Today we got a very unique ship (it is so at least for Armada 2 players) from Adam_Atlantian.

 Adam_Atlantian 2007-07-23   1.86 MB 837 Comments: 12