Medasher Class Medasher Class

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Medafusion, 2006-05-21

From the Mail:

Medasher Class by Meda
The screenshots are installed in the exe.

[ST]PAdm-Medafusion leader of the EXTINT [ST] Clan of A2
Medafusion or Starbase176 on other sites.
Games I play
Star Trek Voyager Elite Force 1 and 2
Star Trek Armada 2
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
Star Trek Bridge Commander

I'm not quite sure what this is as the developer decided not too include neither a ReadMe or any Screenshots. I know about as much as you, it doesn't even say what race this vessel is for.

I'm not too sure either what the relivence is of knowing other games this developer plays... but still...

Download if you want (someone let me know what it is).


No ReadMe Attached.

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Downloads  459  Size  1.64 MB  Created  2006-05-21 



#11 Transmission 2006-05-21 13:34
it isn't your job to send in screenshots for someone elses' MOD. But now that you have, it would be a shame not to waste them.

As for future reference, I believe I will stick to the guidelines. If a file is sent without an Image & ReadMe file OUTSIDE of the actual file, it wont get uploaded.
#12 willsk8forfood15 2006-05-21 15:53
I know it isn't my job but meda is on the SOT team so It is allright if I help out by sendin' in some screens. I was just being helpful buddy. thanks for uploading them anyway though, SSA.
#13 halos_mark 2006-05-21 23:41
i like the kitbash it realy sets a standard as kitbashes go one little thing people what exactly do you mean outside the actula mod do you mean two emials one with the mod and one with the screenies and the readme for it lol seems kinda cool that way but if its correct maybe you should rework the way you guys phrased the submissions guidlines just a thought ill go now
#14 WerdBorg 2007-01-27 21:16
When I used this mod many moons ago it resized the Galaxy class to about the same size as the Medasher for all AI feds and myself, very funny when a puny tactical fusion cube came and blew it to bits, this mod takes psychological warfare to an all new level-the bigger the better tehehehe

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