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Mod.png "Realistic" Star Trek balance modification

(3 votes)

As the name suggests, this modifies the strengths of the ships to be more realistic to how things were in Star Trek, as seen in the series/films.

 The Great Assimilator 2007-03-05   90.99 KB 791 Comments: 1

Mod.png 10 Second Shipyards

(7 votes)

Same as the Starbases, but now for all of the Shipyards

 lucas1988 2002-10-17   1.57 MB 1,996 Comments: 6

Mod.png 10 Second Starbases

(6 votes)

Ever yell at your construction ships to build faster? Luke has too, so he has made a mod that will alter the construction time of every starbase to j…

 lucas1988 2002-10-17   843.51 KB 1,397 Comments: 1

Mod.png Admirals Log Images (Tactical Assault)

(3 votes)

This is a collection of Admirals Log Images from the 4 included races. It is for people who like to see the ships in AL after their game.

 adm_tyler 2008-06-28   5.98 MB 767 Comments: 7

Mod.png Advanced Defense Platform Mod

(12 votes)

This will improve the stats of certain Federation ships.

 Greetz Darkvortex 2003-01-01   33.44 KB 1,610 Comments: 2

Mod.png All Race Assault Class Improver

(2 votes)

This increases the power that assault ships have on opponents and shielding thier own defenses

 Commee Bastard 2002-06-26   10.05 KB 1,047 Comments: 2

Mod.png Alliances Mod

(5 votes)

Here's what he told me about it: This will add sona ships to the federation and dominion ships to the cardassians.

 Cpt Geddes 2002-10-26   849.88 KB 2,062 Comments: 5

Mod.png Antithesis Low Resolution Textures

(1 vote)

IM was kind enough to convert the textures in his mod to 256 X 256, so now you people with slower comps can run his excellent mod

 Interstellar Machine 2002-11-19   240.08 KB 714 Comments: 0

Mod.png Antithesis Replacement

(1 vote)

From the Readme: OK here is a replacement for the that came with Interstellar Machine's Antithesis Race Mod for STA2.

 Mertek 2002-12-21   7.55 KB 765 Comments: 1

Mod.png Armada 3 Concept Temporal Empire Patch 1

(5 votes)

This corrects a few things from the orginal file, highly recommened.

 Yacuzza 2005-07-06   3.11 MB 1,842 Comments: 5