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Cpt Geddes, 2002-10-26

Here's what he told me about it:
This will add sona ships to the federation and dominion ships to the cardassians. I will create another version of this that will have ships for the romulans and klingons. I have also creates a new subspace weapon. The new ships are built by their own shipyard that needs a trading station to be constructed.

Alliances mod (v1.0)

Very special thanks to Michael Pantner and Iggy for their SOD�s and textures.


cconst.odf, fconst.odf, zjembat.odf, zjemdest.odf, zsonbat.odf, zsondest.odf to ODF ships.

Zsonyard.odf, zyard.odf to ODF stations.

gdompoleron.odf, gdomshieldh1.odf, gsubt.odf, subt.odf to odf special weapons.

zbphas.odf, zbphaso.odf, zjmphas.odf, zjmphaso.odf to ODF weapons/ phasers.

zbphot.odf, zphotono.odf to ODF weapons/ photons.

Copy all SOD to SOD folder.

Copy all textures to textures/RGB folder.

Copy all sounds to sounds/ voiceover/ ingame.

Copy and to techtree folder.

Copy gui_global.spr and weapon.spr to sprites.


Open cconst.odf and type:
BuildItemX = �zyard�

Open fconst.odf and type:
BuildItemX = �zsonyard�

(X equals the next build number in line)

Open and type: Zsondest.odf 0, Zsonbat.odf 0, Zsonyard.odf 0, gsubt.odf 0


zjemdest.odf 0, zjembat.odf 0, zyard.odf 0, gdompoleron.odf 0, gdomshieldh1.odf 0

Open and type: Zsondest.odf 0, Zsonbat.odf 0 under federation ships,
Zsonyard.odf 1 ftrading.odf under federation stations,
gsubt.odf 0 under federation special weapons,

zjemdest.odf 0, zjembat.odf 0 under cardassian ships,
zyard.odf 1 ctrading.odf under cardassian stations,
gdompoleron.odf 0, gdomshieldh1.odf 0 under cardassian special weapons.

Open gui_global.spr and copy:
b_gdompoleron gbpolrntrp00 0 0 64 64
b_gdomshieldh1 gbshieldd00 0 0 64 64
b_gsubt gbrwave00 0 0 64 64

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#1 CommanderClarke 2002-10-28 05:27
Perfect. I've been needing to get some Dominion ships for my Avatar mod for some time. If you have any objection to me using these just let me know here or at
#2 Padawan_Raynor 2003-04-09 15:04
U should check out Borg Incursion 2 then. It is VERY impressive. Damn, sounds like I'm advertising now...
#3 octovon 2003-06-25 05:41
the mod is good, but it's lacking the little picture that show up when you build them and is also missing pictures in the admirals log.

Future advice: More Ships!! youcan never go wrong with more ships
#4 daryl 2003-11-17 11:50
:mad: i love this mod only one problem is that one of the sona ships wont work and one of the jem hada ships dont work can someone help please it ends my game and comes up with an eror mesage
#5 Guest 2004-07-18 05:42

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