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Mod.png AVM| Voyager Class No Installer (works)

(8 votes)

Ok here it is with no autoinstaller, i know the files work,but for some reason the autoinstaller was messed up, so heres the files, plus some fairly d…

 Ted H 2002-11-10   385.83 KB 2,782 Comments: 21

Mod.png BI2 Counterstrike

(15 votes)

This is an upgrade of BI2, it adds more ships to some of the races and fixes some bugs.

 Major A Payne 2003-04-13   16.22 MB 3,474 Comments: 19

Mod.png BI2 Counterstrike "Low Res" Textures

(1 vote)

These are the low res textures for the ships added in BI2 Counterstrike

 Major A Payne 2003-04-13   9.08 MB 719 Comments: 0

Mod.png BI2 Version 3.01 Patch

(7 votes)

This is a small update that fixes some errors with the original Borg incursion 2 mod.

 Major A Payne 2003-04-13   1.06 MB 2,681 Comments: 3

Mod.png BOP Prototype

(3 votes)

This mod contains the Bird of Prey that can fire while cloaked. It can cloak normally then it can fire long range torpedo's and disruptor cannons at…

 Cpt Geddes 2002-10-25   39.55 KB 853 Comments: 2

Mod.png Borg Adaptor By Sherman2

(0 votes)

Adds some ablities to the borg. Incuding the ablilty to build a Tactical Fusion Cube straight from the advanced shipyard.

 Sherman2 2005-01-31   326.26 KB 759 Comments: 3

Mod.png Borg and Rom Update

(6 votes)

Adds weapons to the Romulan Warbird and Borg Tactical Fusion Cube

 Unknown / Anonymous 2003-12-13   4.41 KB 657 Comments: 0

Mod.png Borg Armada by Yacuzza 1.0

(13 votes)

Some of Yacuzza's Borg ships and stations - I personally like this one. The build buttons are customized for the Borg.

 Yacuzza 2005-04-04   7.76 MB 1,698 Comments: 9

Mod.png Borg Cloaking Nebula Generation

(3 votes)

The rationale for making this mod is to have a weapon that can hide a ship from the enemy while keeping your ship?s or station?s shields up.

 Elrond 2005-02-17   3.88 KB 660 Comments: 8

Mod.png Borg Incursion "Low Res" Textures

(3 votes)

These are the low res textures for MaP's borg incursion 2 mod

 Major A Payne 2003-04-13   1.92 MB 966 Comments: 0