10 Second Shipyards 10 Second Shipyards

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lucas1988, 2002-10-17

Same as the Starbases, but now for all of the Shipyards Biggrin

To Install the 10 second shipyards do the following

Extract the files into the folder that has got this zip file in

then go into that folder and copy everything in it and paste them
into your Star Trek Armada II directory

Then You will the shipyards with 10 Seconds build time
if you are having any trouble with it please contact me at


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#1 jddbz2 2002-10-17 18:52
does it work with Borg Incursion 2 :-)
#2 cecilzero1 2002-10-18 16:11
#3 Tazuren 2006-09-25 21:50
If you have trouble, do what I did, rewrite the odfs to have a shorter build time. Me, I put everything at 1 second, for all races.
#4 babsgirl 2007-04-01 20:07
i downloaded this file but it will now not let me play online games is there some thing eles i need to do? :sad:
#5 goblueraiders 2007-05-05 12:48
Here's another way to do it:

Get Armod 2. It is easy and I've used it for years. You even can make ONE second shipyards. Armod 2 works w/everything I have (Borg Inc. 3) and (Reg. A2). Try this- I think it's pretty 8) !
#6 starwarswins 2008-07-04 14:04

You can put 0.00000000001 sec on the odf file instead

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