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Mod.png Fusable Defiant Mod 1.1

(7 votes)

This fixes the problems found in the last version of this Mod.

 Meister_Li 2003-06-06   518.80 KB 1,093 Comments: 10

Mod.png Fusion Cubes Mod

(8 votes)

Why don't the Borg just build Fusion Cubes from their starbases? A good question, but now Luke has solved it by replacing the Cube and Tactical Cub…

 lucas1988 2002-10-18   799.39 KB 770 Comments: 1

Mod.png Galaxy Burst

(4 votes)

An interesting weapon, this is General's second released A2 weapon, and is very nice

 General 2002-10-28   75.27 KB 601 Comments: 4

Mod.png Galaxy Class Damage

(8 votes)

NIce mod tat will make the galaxy class ships look damaged - but it doesn't get the damage when hit - only from start i'm assuming - but there's no re…

 Spock 2003-04-09   309.03 KB 382 Comments: 3

Mod.png Galaxy Class Modification

(13 votes)

This mod, apparently, retextures the galaxy class ship. Not a bad change eh? ----------------------------------Review--------------------------------…

 Spock 2003-03-16   249.11 KB 403 Comments: 8

Mod.png Galaxy Refit Beta

(4 votes)

This refits the games original galaxy odf with a new one. The new galaxy is a war machine.

 Mosh Pit 2002-06-26   1.83 KB 1,180 Comments: 3

Mod.png Glc22p's Sovereign Mod

(5 votes)

This is a simple mod that will make the Soverign class much more powerful than the stock version.

 Glc22p 2003-01-02   1.82 KB 483 Comments: 0

Mod.png gluckmiester mod prerelease

(6 votes)

This is a prerelease of gluckmiester mod enjoy

 gluckmiester 2004-07-10   737.97 KB 362 Comments: 13

Mod.png Hero ship refits

(2 votes)

The Federation's Enterprise-E has been changed so that it's stronger, special weapons recharge quicker and there are more crew aboard.

 Raphael 2003-02-08   6.02 KB 709 Comments: 2

Mod.png Holo Deceptor

(3 votes)

From The Readme: This is the Federation's answer to not being allowed to have a cloaking device.

 Interstellar Machine 2002-08-29   42.25 KB 788 Comments: 5