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Mod.png Functional Prometheus MVAM

(2 votes)

NOTE: THIS MOD REQUIRES THE FLEETOPS PATCH 1.2.5!! Improved upon previous versions of this weapon, using the patch project 1.2.5 "replaceweapon" feat…

 necromancer_420 2008-05-19   1.31 MB 527 Comments: 9

Mod.png Fusion Cube Separator

(1 vote)

NOTE: THIS MOD REQUIRES THE FLEETOPS PATCH 1.2.5!! Thought it was time the Fusion cube was able to separate back into the 8 cubes it started out as.…

 necromancer_420 2008-05-19   2.74 KB 284 Comments: 1

Mod.png Galaxy Deflector Beam

(11 votes)

Remember when the Borg captured Picard and the Enterprise improvised a weapon by routing power through the deflector dish? Well, here it is - the Defl…

 dan1025 2007-11-20   606.89 KB 1,238 Comments: 11

Mod.png Gemini Wave

(6 votes)

Well, my first thought to the naming of this file was "Sounds like it duplicates a load of ships".

 TexasAggie 2006-08-10   190.19 KB 439 Comments: 12

Mod.png Goauld Weapon

(1 vote)

Well, this appears to be a simple weapon from the Stargate side of Sci-fi. Although this may go well with a Trek ship, I see it coming in quite useful…

 Cameron06 2006-05-15   34.52 KB 750 Comments: 3

Mod.png Gravity Strike 1.0

(3 votes)

This is an addon weapon. designed to cause imense damage by using gravity!

 Captain Future 2002-07-31   268.81 KB 826 Comments: 2

Mod.png Heavy Disruptor Cannon (With the Cardassian Cargo Ship)

(1 vote)

Wow, finally someone armed the Cargoships, why they didn't when A2 came out i dont know, but its a really good idea i reall must say this is a cool w…

 Wolf01 2005-04-30   79.12 KB 472 Comments: 4

Mod.png Hell Fire Cannon 1.0

(3 votes)

This is a super cannon basically. It uses a powerful energy beam to artificially create a brief Super Nova like effect that consumes all enemy shiops…

 Adam_Atlantian 2008-06-26   222.08 KB 445 Comments: 5

Mod.png Highlander Class Photon Torpedo

(1 vote)

This is a new Highlander Class Photon Torpedo. It can be added to any ship you want

 darklord100 2004-07-31   46.72 KB 577 Comments: 3

Mod.png Instant Drive 1.0

(9 votes)

This seems to be a modified version of the Borg Interceptors special weapon, made generic to fit virtually all races.

 ArcherScott 2005-08-01   171.83 KB 709 Comments: 1