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Mod.png Secondary Shielding

(5 votes)

This secondary shield increases the regeneration rate of a ship or station that uses it.

 draconis_sharp 2005-03-17   1.27 KB 1,099 Comments: 1

Mod.png Shield-Destroyer Photons

(7 votes)

This mod is a weapon mod you can add to your ships or stations that has photon torpedos with the ability to disable sheilds on impact, leaving the tar…

 pejakm 2005-10-07   130.09 KB 799 Comments: 6

Mod.png Ship System Waves (Full Package)

(2 votes)

Here we go. In this package contains any fixes for the previous versions (I believe there were some problems on the release of the original few) but t…

 TexasAggie 2006-03-29   943.18 KB 644 Comments: 4

Mod.png Ships Systems Wave Jammer

(3 votes)

In my opinion this is unusually creative. (you don't see to many sensible special weapons!) Built from the Romulan's Sensor Jammer this is a series…

 TexasAggie 2006-03-25   550.79 KB 389 Comments: 10

Mod.png Singularity Torpedo

(2 votes)

This is a small weapon mod for A2, its an ion cannon that was deisnged to be used by the breen.

 Lord_hanson 2005-02-17   2.80 KB 429 Comments: 1

Mod.png Species 8472 Pulse weapon 1.0

(2 votes)

Well here we have a little nugget of a mod that gives Species 8472 Pulse weapon are more authentic apperance and sound.

 icewolf132 2008-01-29   116.21 KB 312 Comments: 1

Mod.png Sprinkle Pack v1.0

(8 votes)

This is actually version 2.0 of the Donut Weapons but I decided to release it as Sprinkle Pack v1.0 because it also looks good on normal ships.

 Terra_Inc 2008-11-27   518.71 KB 232 Comments: 1

Mod.png Star Trek Armada 2.5 (sample pack) #3

(2 votes)

This is sample pack 3 from armada 2.5 team it adds the Federation Gattling Gun and Federation Linear Cannon.

 draconis_sharp 2004-07-15   411.00 KB 781 Comments: 10

Mod.png Star Trek Armada 2.5 Sample Pack #3 Fix

(4 votes)

This is a fix for the "Linear Cannon" weapon from Star Trek Armada 2.5 Sample Pack #3. It requires the origional file for the fix to work.

 draconis_sharp 2004-08-09   1.04 KB 463 Comments: 3

Mod.png Stargate Atlantis Drone

(11 votes)

This is the Stargate Atlantis Drone, personally I think it looks a little bright compared to the ones seen in the show, but that's just me

 Majestic 2006-08-05   410.96 KB 1,473 Comments: 14