Highlander Class Photon Torpedo Highlander Class Photon Torpedo

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darklord100, 2004-07-31

This is a new Highlander Class Photon Torpedo. It can be added to any ship you want Wink

Highlander Class Photon Torpedo

Extract all files except this one into the correct folder as follows:-

1. weapon.spr into armada2 sprites folder
(for advanced modders you know just to add the specific lines in the weapon.spr file.)

2. fhighlanderphot.odf and fhighlanderphotono.odf into your armada2-odf-weapons-photons folder.

3. Whighlandertorp.tga and Whighlandertorp_2.tga into your textures-rgb folder.

4. Finally simply add the weapon to a ship. For novice modders add this to a ship or station file:-

weaponX = "fhighlanderphot"
weaponHardpointsX = "hp01"

Replace the X's with the next corrisponding number in the weapons list.

This weapon was designed by Darklord100.

Anyone is free to use this weapon in their mods as they please!

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#1 Stargazor_001 2004-11-30 05:13
What's the difference with a normal Photon Torpedo???
#2 USMCWhitestar 2005-02-03 13:25

I followed your instructions, however nothing is working. As if I didnt do anything
#3 Shadow51689 2006-05-20 00:06
Love the weapon, it looks organic somehow... hope you don't mind me using it for my Species 8472 ships.

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