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ArcherScott, 2005-08-01

This seems to be a modified version of the Borg Interceptors special weapon, made generic to fit virtually all races. This modification will allow the ship of your choosing to automatically appear at the designated point. Rather effective if used in large fleets of powerful vessels or science ships.

If your a transport weapon buff like me, your going to want to pick up this mod!

Instant transportation across the explored galaxy is no longer a dream 4 ships with this new special weapon.
It can B given to assualt ships 4 surprise attacks. So they just appear suddenly without warning! Or escape attack.

Defend resources quickly by 'popping over' or get 2 the other side of an immobile asteriod field! Just like that!!
The possibilites are endless!

This is an instant special weapon so there is no need to research it first.
U will need to send your scout ships out 1st as it sends vessels only 2 explored regions but distance no problem.

To install:

place ODF into ArmadaII/odf/specialweapons folder.
place TGA file into ArmadaII/Textures/RGB

Open Techtree and find Tech1;
Place this after the last special weapon of the race you've chosen.

gtwarpd2.odf 0 // instant drive (whatever class)

Now save and close and locate FullTech and add after the last special weapon of the race you've chosen;
gtwarpd2.odf 0

Save and close and go to the Sprite folder; open gui-global and place the following after the last special weapon;
b_gtwarpd2 gbtwarpd2 0 0 64 64


For a ship already with special weapons.

Under the last weapon of the selected ship given, add this:

// Instant Drive
weaponX = "gtwarpd2"
weaponHardpointsX = "??"

X = next number in sequence
?? = align hit points ("hp xx") to those already given for the craft's special weapons selected


For a ship with no special weapons add this after the rate of shield recharge in the odf of the selected ship:

//Maximum Value of Special Energy
maxSpecialEnergy = XX

//Rate at which special energy recharges (points per second... we think)
specialEnergyRate = XX

XX = specify amounts.

Then add the weapon as above. Selecting a "hp" to fire from.

Lastly at the end of the odf add;

// show_sw_autonomy


**I have assigned this weapon for myself to Troop Class assult ships but I have left this off in the enclosed odf so U
can give 2 whatever ship class U want.**

What will happen 2 the universe should this fall in the wrong hands!?

Full credits to Activision. I have merely modified the Borg Interceptor's special weapon.

The button for the weapon is one I found searching my RGB folder. It came with the game (but I think it is on the last
few missions but can't remember which one) but it has not come from anything I downloaded.


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#1 SpaceMaster 2005-11-29 10:23
It is interesting, but it makes things a bit too random. 7/10

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