Functional Prometheus MVAM Functional Prometheus MVAM

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necromancer_420, 2008-05-19


Improved upon previous versions of this weapon, using the patch project 1.2.5 "replaceweapon" feature. Hope no one is offended, but I needed this to work in a bad way!

* True, Functioning, *
* Multi-Vector Assault Mode *
* *
* By Necromancer_420 *
This is separate from the Galaxy Class Separation

Official Armada 2 Patch
Patch Project 1.2.5

[INSTALL - Method 1 (Clean Armada Installations Only)]

1. Copy all folders directly to your armada directory

[INSTALL - Method 2]

1. Copy SOD, odf, and texture folders to your armada directory

2. Add these lines to the bottom of your gui_global.spr file.

b_fprom gbfprom 0 0 64 64
b_fphigh step2 0 0 64 64
b_fplow step3 0 0 64 64

b_promcha step1 0 0 64 64
b_promint stepj 0 0 64 64

fpromw1 promwire 0 0 49 49
fpromw2 promwire 49 0 49 49
fpromw3 promwire 98 0 49 49
fpromw4 promwire 147 0 49 49
fpromw5 promwire 196 0 49 49

fpsaucerw1 promwire 0 98 49 49
fpsaucerw2 promwire 49 98 49 49
fpsaucerw3 promwire 98 98 49 49
fpsaucerw4 promwire 147 98 49 49
fpsaucerw5 promwire 196 98 49 49

fphighw1 promwire 0 147 49 49
fphighw2 promwire 49 147 49 49
fphighw3 promwire 98 147 49 49
fphighw4 promwire 147 147 49 49
fphighw5 promwire 196 147 49 49

fploww1 promwire 0 49 49 49
fploww2 promwire 49 49 49 49
fploww3 promwire 98 49 49 49
fploww4 promwire 147 49 49 49
fploww5 promwire 196 49 49 49

3. add these lines to your file

fprom.odf 2 fyard2.odf fupgrade.odf
fpsaucer.odf 0
fphigh.odf 0
fplow.odf 0
promcha.odf 0
promint.odf 0

4. add these lines to your file
fprom.odf 0
fpsaucer.odf 0
fphigh.odf 0
fplow.odf 0
promcha.odf 0
promint.odf 0

5. Add this line to your fyard2.odf and you are ready to go
buildItem4 = "fprom"

Necromancer_420 Fixed Bombomadil's recombining issue

Models and wireframe are gonwee's

inspiration from captain_jon


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Downloads  513  Size  1.31 MB  Created  2008-05-19 



#1 ragnar603 2008-05-19 09:49
No pictures?? Lots of new items being added have a very short description and no pictures now :sad:
#2 theStarfleetKid 2008-05-19 15:49
Most simply-.ODF mods --this and the fusion cube separator, for instance-- I don't see why you'd need a pic when it's pretty self-explanatory.

But while we're on the topic, my days of taking pics for other people are over. Either the modder included the pics or no pics go up. Sorry for the inconvenience. If that means twelve downloads instead of two thousand, then we all lose. It's something the modding communty has repeatedly stated to be an expectation before they'll trouble themselves to download. I can't understand why mods get submitted without them when the pics alone mean such a huge increase in traffic. Maybe not in downloads, but more people consider downloading when there's something to look at. Proven FileFront fact.

#3 Eluvatar 2008-05-19 16:19
yes and about the short description it is cause of the new upload system you can give your own description for files and the lazy staff will just use that insted of reviewing the mod. :mad:

starfleetkid I am in no way saying that is what you did but I have seen it many times ;-)
#4 theStarfleetKid 2008-05-19 20:42
I resent the term "lazy staff". We do what we can with what we're given. And we do this in a volunteer capacity. Criticize all you want, but keep in mind that I don't have to do anything. I am choosing to do this. I can choose not to if I don't feel appreciated.

#5 Major_A_Payne 2008-05-20 01:37
Very good mod.

Eluvator. Considering your a member of filefront staff you should know better concerning the site rules. That was an unecessary and underhanded comment. I truely wish I was a senior admin here as you would be kicked off the site. On the sites I've visited I've never once seen you doing any work.

As for there being no images. With this new upload system isn't it the responsibility of the uploader to do their own image uploading??
#6 theStarfleetKid 2008-05-20 05:43
Precisely, Major Payne. It was always the responsibility of the modder to include screenshots or pics with their mod. Before we'd add them in after the fact since they were typically either part of the .ZIP or the e-mail, or sent separately after the upload.

The file-upload system actually takes a great deal of what we used to have to do and makes it so that the formatting is done BEFORE we even see the file is available. That means all staff really has to do anymore is download the mod, make sure everything's there, write a better review if requested or if time allows, and press a few buttons to make it available to the world.

And as I've said before countless times, I prefer to upload first and handle problems later, if any arise. I keep a close eye on the comments and forums after uploading something. If there's a need to be addressed, it's usually dealt with before a couple days have passed. I humbly believe that we have one of the best systems going-- not just on FileFront, but anywhere. And I take a rather fierce pride at my part within that system, keeping things going. As always, your mileage may vary.

#7 Freyr 2008-05-20 05:44
Its an unwanted and unwelcome comment, but not something I am going to ban him for.

And yes, its the responsibility of the uploader to do their own images. It always has been, and the submission instructions have always stated that fairly clearly. I think the proportion of files with screenshots is about the same as it always has been, its just that we get a lot more files now its easier for people to upload them.
#8 Necromancer_420 2008-05-20 16:48
I realize now, that if I decide to post a future mod, I will be sure to take some screenshots, however... If you can read, I believe that my mod was pretty self explanitory, and you certainly cannot see functionality of a separation/integration mod like this. Having looked at previous attempts at a MVAM for Promethius, one would think that they would be a pretty descent mod, when in actuallity, all the ones that I tried failed to even come close to the real thing.

I realize that in my next attempt I would change the "landing" positions of the 3 ships when separated, but I was rather excited to finally have a working MVAM after so many years. I honestly questioned whether or not I should even post the mod, considering what little it does. I am working on a larger mod that I promise to include screenshots, and a much better description. It is already a rather large description and I haven't finished the mod yet.

Once again, I am sorry for rocking the boat here....
#9 dan1025 2008-05-22 13:44
Good to see people using the MVAM coding in mods, nice work :-)

As for the lack of screenshots, I agree with both StarfleetKid and Necromancer, they are vital in promoting mods to the community, but you can't really show ODF mods in screenshots, and you don't really need them with ODF mods as they are self-explanatory.

Nice work on the mod Necromancer, keep it up :-)

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