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Mod.png Bussard Collecter Expulsion Weapon 1.0

(9 votes)

This is a weapon based off the Klingon speical weapon that creates a distructive nebula.

 chancellor christian 2004-10-20   1.71 KB 755 Comments: 4

Mod.png Cardassian Engine Overload 1.0

(1 vote)

Adds an Engine Overload Weapon to the Cardassian Galor Class

 Unknown / Anonymous 2004-10-20   28.04 KB 385 Comments: 0

Mod.png Cardassian Pulse Mod 2.0

(1 vote)

From the readme: Updates: New texture, one pulse instead of two.

 CBorg 10 of 100 2002-09-28   9.71 KB 578 Comments: 5

Mod.png Chaingun

(6 votes)

This is a It is a chaingun pulse phaser. Each shot only causes a fration of a point in damage, but it fires about 600 rounds per minute.

 Blindeye01 2004-08-15   2.35 KB 1,279 Comments: 11

Mod.png Cloak Corbimite Refractor

(2 votes)

The title tell what it does lol. Cloak Corbimite Refractor now you are protected when you are Cloak.

 Limon36 2011-11-28   267 bytes 398 Comments: 2

Mod.png clock repair

(1 vote)

The title tell what the file does. You can repair a ship when clock!! This way no one knows that you are repairing lol.

 Limon36 2011-08-07   75.10 KB 223 Comments: 1

Mod.png Cobalt Chain Reaction Pulsar

(2 votes)

Nice mod that (i assume) does the same as a chain reaction, but with more power!

 Unknown / Anonymous 2003-05-04   34.25 KB 792 Comments: 7

Mod.png Cube Cloak

(6 votes)

Makes all cubes, tactical cubes, and both types of fusion cubes have the ability to cloak.

 Pinky 2005-12-12   13.59 KB 569 Comments: 2

Mod.png Deans Scream 2

(5 votes)

Version 2 of the Dean Scream. Strange thing, I thought sound didn't travel in space.

 Blindeye01 2004-10-20   399.98 KB 527 Comments: 8

Mod.png Deanscream Sensor Jammer 1.0

(6 votes)

Okay, this is a hard one to review, so I'll just quote the readme: This is a joke weapon.

 Blindeye01 2004-08-06   399.66 KB 409 Comments: 5