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dan1025, 2007-11-20

Remember when the Borg captured Picard and the Enterprise improvised a weapon by routing power through the deflector dish? Well, here it is - the Deflector Beam weapon by Dan1025. This is quite a good weapon, it looks very similar to the original weapon albeit a tad bit slimmer than that beam but it's the correct colour and position so it does look very cool ingame. It does a good bit of damage too so it doesn't just look pretty, it bites and boy does it bite hard - it is about 20 times stronger than normal Federation phasers, the range is similar to most phasers, it's damage base is 850 so it will ruffle a few feathers!

PS: Galaxy not included Tongue

nice work Dan! Thumbsup


OK, here's a deflector beam special weapon for the Federation Galaxy Class.

I decided to create this weapon after seeing the TNG episodes "Best of Both Worlds" Pt 1 and 2, in which the crew of the Enterprise-D turn the ships deflector dish into a highly destructive weapon. I thought that the weapon I designed was worth sending in and so here we are....

Installation Intructions:

1. Place both .odf files (fgalbeam and fgalbeamo) into: Activision/Star Trek Armada II/odf/special_weapons
2. Place the 2 texture files (wfgalbeam and gbfgalbeam) into: Activision/Star Trek Armada II/Textures/RGB
3. Open the weapon.spr file in the Activision/Star Trek Armada II/sprites directory (use notepad)

search for "end new weapons"

add underneath that:

#Federation Deflector Beam
wfgalbeam wfgalbeam 0 0 128 32 @anim=tex1x4

save the file and close it.

4. Open the gui_global.spr file in the Activision/Star Trek Armada II/sprites directory (use notepad)

search for "Special weapon buttons"

add underneath where it says:


b_fgalbeam gbfgalbeam 0 0 64 64

save the file and close it.

5. Now to install the weapon onto the Galaxy Class *Note - I added this weapon to the Galaxy Class found in Ghost's Compliation Mod, you may have to find a different hardpoint depending on the model you're using*:

Open the file named fgalaxy found in: Activision/Star Trek Armada II/odf/ships

scroll down to the weapons section and add under all its other weapons:

weaponXX = "fgalbeam"
weaponHardpointsXX = "hp32" - where XX is the number after the others in your Galaxy Class odf

save the file and close it.

OK that should do it, the weapon should now work in your game :)

Legal Notes/Thanks:

Thanks to Major Payne for letting me mod and release on of the buttons from BI:VR
Thanks to Michael Kelley for letting me mod and release the texture he used for his magana phaser weapon (found in his Phalanx Class mod)

A big thanks to Activision for releasing this game and giving us all something fun to mod and improve upon :)

The Galaxy Class and its design are properties of Paramount bla bla bla

You may use this in any mod and re-release it if you want, just mention in the readme where you got it and e-mail me ( just so I know where my work is going please.

I hope you enjoy the mod!


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#11 Mathicus0010 2010-09-04 17:52
I`m amazed I got the right point on my second try lol. A Drink for me...

copy and paste this to your stock fgalaxy.odf file

weapon4 = "fgalbeam"

weaponHardpoints4 = "hp14"

that`s the deflector dish if im not mistaken, after a trial run it looked right to me anyway.

hope this helps

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