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Model.png 'Real' Borg Cube

(22 votes)

Wow, just wow, this is a very nice Borg Cube, the extraction from the original source was very well done, And, I'll probably intergrating this into my…

 NetVolts 2005-03-14   664.16 KB 2,622 Comments: 20

Model.png A2 Borg Sphere

(13 votes)

This is an updated Borg Sphere, Its now more powerfull.

 Twitch 2004-01-15   172.18 KB 2,452 Comments: 4

Model.png Advanced Cube 1.0 beta

(10 votes)

This is an advanced borg cube, made by Prophecy and TheForce. The cube will contstruct borg sphere's that have cool weapons and transwarp drive.

 Prophecy 2003-09-05   984.83 KB 1,776 Comments: 2

Model.png Advanced Tactical Cube

(35 votes)

This is just what a tacticle cube should be like. It is be powerful and costs alot. No fusions since they don't exsist in the star trek universe.

 The Master 2002-06-28   287.03 KB 5,352 Comments: 16

Model.png Agroborg's Cube 2.0

(8 votes)

This is a unique Cube that's worth a download if you're looking for something different

 AgroBorg 2002-09-07   479.77 KB 1,228 Comments: 1

Model.png Agroborg's Tactical Cube 2.2

(16 votes)

This uses the mysterious Green Spots on Agroborg's Cube, and makes it a Tactical cube.

 AgroBorg 2002-09-07   545.93 KB 1,160 Comments: 6

Model.png Armada 3 Concept Omega Cube for A2

(18 votes)

A very nice file here from Yacuzza...yet again! Brilliant work my man, keep up the good work

 Yacuzza 2005-05-09   1.74 MB 1,446 Comments: 16

Model.png Armored Borg Cube Upgrade

(10 votes)

This is a improved Armored Cube mod, featuring chris5110uk2k's cube upgrade integrated into Agroborg's Armored Cube.

 Iggy 2002-10-13   688.30 KB 1,685 Comments: 8

Model.png Armored Cube

(7 votes)

What would happen if the Borg assimilated Voyager's Armor? Agroborg knows This is an excellent ship, and definetly worth a download

 AgroBorg 2002-10-06   192.16 KB 601 Comments: 3

Model.png Armored Cube 3.0

(4 votes)

From the readme: The vessel can deploy armor to protect itself of any form of attack and shoot Borg assimilated transphasic torpedoes (hehehehehe!!!)

 AgroBorg 2002-10-09   238.97 KB 594 Comments: 4