Agroborg's Tactical Cube Agroborg's Tactical Cube

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AgroBorg, 2002-09-07

This uses the mysterious Green Spots on Agroborg's Cube, and makes it a Tactical cube. As with his cube, Good if you're looking for something different Smile

Hello again here is my tactical cube, it`s a nice design that i have seen in voyager
-for installation:

just copy the files to the armada directory and will work.

Have fun//

Agroborg.....resistance is futile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Version  2.2  Author  AgroBorg  Website   
Downloads  1,088  Size  545.93 KB  Created  2002-09-07 



#1 Guest 2002-09-08 03:08
looks nothing like a tactical cube
#2 madman 2002-09-08 04:43
#1, why do u say it dont look like a tactucial cube? It does, and it looks kinda cooler that the original a2 one. If all yehgonna do is post insults, dont post atall :roll:
#3 agroborg 2002-09-08 06:19
Rock do you like my mod?
#4 gazzap45 2002-09-08 18:58
Looks cool i'm gonna dl it
#5 Axer 2005-09-29 06:47
Dude why the heck is it so green?
#6 slam159 2005-11-12 23:49
cos green is the borg colour.

sooo cool :donut: :thumbsup: :borg:

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