Advanced Cube 1.0 beta Advanced Cube 1.0 beta

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Prophecy, 2003-09-05

This is an advanced borg cube, made by Prophecy and TheForce. The cube will contstruct borg sphere's that have cool weapons and transwarp drive. The cube can be configured to build any Borg item, however. This is a nice little file, worth the download.

Advanced Cube 1.0 beta by Prophecy and TheForce

A brief description
The advanced cube is big and powerful. Unfortunately this ship has no special wqeapons YET but will have in future releases. Although it has amazingly powerful standard weapons.
This advanced cube constructs advanced spheres (big spheres with brilliant weapons, and a transwarp drive). But u can configure the Advanced Cube to construct any borg thing.

Game Balance
This may seem like a huge massive ship that is way better than the Tactical Fusion Cube (power wise) and has no respect for Game Balance. But i assure you, it costs more than a Tactical Fusion Cube,
and it takes longer to build.

Installation instructions
These are in the full readme file.

Future releases
This is just a small taster. It will have updated versions released later on.

Contact me
Plz plz plz give me feedback, my E-Mail address is (uk zero) or

-TheForce for his totally awesome textures
-The creators of the Hpmap whoever that is (E-Mail me your name plz)

This file cannot be reused in other MODS without PERMISSION!!
Contact me for permission


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#1 billybobjoefried 2003-09-28 02:56
how exactly do u configuer it to build borg items??
#2 Guest 2003-10-08 09:57
Hi, could it be possible to release a file with these textures (They ROCK) for the normal Borg Cube ?!

Thanks, Mr. Options

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