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Model.png Armored Cube 2.0

(5 votes)

From the Readme: now with regeneration, transwarp and a few bugs less

 AgroBorg 2002-10-06   248.72 KB 460 Comments: 8

Model.png Armored Tactical Cube 1.0

(9 votes)

This is a complete rework of Argoborg's armored cube 4.0. All SOD/Original Textures credit go to the aforementioned.

 Curtis 2006-10-28   1.31 MB 596 Comments: 1

Model.png Arnored Cube 4.0 (Final)

(17 votes)

This is the (hopefully) Final version of Agroborg's Armored Cube. All of the bugs from poevious versions should be gone, so download it!

 AgroBorg 2002-10-10   523.76 KB 1,916 Comments: 17

Model.png Asimilated Soverign

(14 votes)

From the Readme: This seems to be a pretty powerful ship and held it's own against 3 tatical borg cubes when i played earlier.

 Jason Hensley 2002-10-31   967.98 KB 1,346 Comments: 5

Model.png Assimilated Nebula Class

(7 votes)

Just a standard Nebula class ship with it's assimilated textures and a few odf changes.

 Raphael 2002-11-03   54.27 KB 712 Comments: 6

Model.png Assimilated Titan Class 2.0

(5 votes)

This is an Assimilated Titan class starship, the textures are looking very good indeed, as do the ships model wich is regular Titan class stuff, im no…

 Amb 2005-01-11   1.59 MB 968 Comments: 4

Model.png Assimilator

(8 votes)

This replaces the assimilator will a new tougher looking one that apperas to be almost a tactical Assimilator.

 Twitch 2002-06-28   159.33 KB 1,400 Comments: 1

Model.png Attack Cube 1.0

(16 votes)

This is a borg cube that looks like a borg cube with some serious armor. It has no shields, but it does have some serious weapons.

 Twitch 2004-10-03   832.60 KB 684 Comments: 7

Model.png Borg Advanced Tactical Cube Re-Texture

(5 votes)

This is a re-texture of the advanced tactical cube for Armada II. The texture is okay, although you can see where it appears to have been flipped then…

 Curtis 2006-10-28   731.94 KB 483 Comments: 5

Model.png Borg battle pack

(8 votes)

This folder contains my versions of the bbattle1, bbattle2, bbattle3 and bbattle4.

 Aad Moerman 2011-01-16   5.18 MB 851 Comments: 6