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Model.png Borg textures for p81's intrepid

(7 votes)

These are borg textures for p81's intrepid.

 Lt_Commander 2003-12-25   1.41 MB 937 Comments: 3

Model.png BorgModv1

(7 votes)

This mod adds 2 new Borg ships to Armada 2, a Borg Pyramid (comparable to a Borg Sphere) and a Borg Repair Cylinder.

 Busterkinkade 2004-05-22   375.50 KB 668 Comments: 4

Model.png borgstar

(2 votes)

I made this at the same time as the borg cassette but didnt finish it,i found it last week and decided to finish it as i couldnt see any star shaped v…

 mash1971 2011-01-14   567.39 KB 731 Comments: 4

Model.png Christmas Gift Ship

(6 votes)

This, is one of the Christmas Gifts from Draconis Sharp, a Christmas Gift Ship Enjpy Everybody.

 draconis_sharp 2004-12-24   20.86 KB 397 Comments: 12

Model.png Class VII Tactical Cube

(13 votes)

This is the Class VII Tactical Cube by Sherman2. A Very nice looking Cube, download

 Sherman2 2004-11-11   280.30 KB 631 Comments: 10

Model.png Concept Tactical Cube Final

(13 votes)

Borg Armada III Concept Tactical Cube, by Yucuzza, A Very Nice looking Tactical Cube, Worth the Download.

 Yacuzza 2005-04-20   1.14 MB 1,283 Comments: 9

Model.png Cube 2.0

(6 votes)

This cube looks more like the one from Star trek: First Contact. On its side it has a part that looks like a shere launcher.

 Warlords Production 2002-06-28   634.47 KB 536 Comments: 1

Model.png Cube 2

(5 votes)

This is one of the best normal cube mod i have seen. It does a great job withe depicting the layers in a cube

 The Great One 2002-06-28   210.58 KB 569 Comments: 1

Model.png Demon Tooth & Demon Star 1.0

(4 votes)

This is a great ship which is added to your borg build list. Its final fused product is almost as powerful as a TFC and just as tall.

 Kleotol 2002-06-28   970.50 KB 2,076 Comments: 8

Model.png Fusion Sphere

(4 votes)

First, take a Borg Sphere. Then, take another different Sphere. Okay, six in total.

 Unknown / Anonymous 2007-11-25   280.75 KB 432 Comments: 5