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Model.png borg cassette

(8 votes)

Before there were DVDs and CDs --before there were Borg-- there was magnetic tape.

 mash1971 2008-12-18   648.12 KB 395 Comments: 8

Model.png Borg Collective Cube Mod

(13 votes)

This mod is, well, insaine! But sereously though, this is the Collective Cube, the strongest borg cube in the history of the collective and probably t…

 Yacuzza 2004-11-27   1.10 MB 1,459 Comments: 18

Model.png Borg Command Cube

(8 votes)

The Borg have long been an interest of mine, at least, relative to Armada II, because they don't make sense.

 adm_tyler 2007-10-20   461.87 KB 1,170 Comments: 15

Model.png Borg Cube 2.0

(3 votes)

This Upgrades the stock cubing making it more 'canon' and more powerful, it dones NOT change the sod or textures, see readme for more details.

 Wolf01 2005-04-30   5.01 KB 690 Comments: 2

Model.png Borg cube and battlesphere

(3 votes)

This pack contains a new blue Borg sphere and another Borg cube with a lot of traditional weapons.

 Tain_Enabran 2008-06-10   1.94 MB 794 Comments: 3

Model.png Borg Cube Mod

(7 votes)

If you want a recognizable mod, you can't do any better then this know you're in for a rough day at the office when the Borg Cube appears.

 Yacuzza 2005-03-29   1.52 MB 1,141 Comments: 5

Model.png Borg Cube Scout Type 1 Class and New Borg Cube Textures V1.0

(0 votes)

BORG MOD V1.0 Borg "Cube Scout Type 1" Class V1.0 By USS_Miranda and New Borg Cube Textures By USS_Miranda

 Captain Rich 2008-03-09   241.68 KB 400 Comments: 1

Model.png Borg Cube Texture

(5 votes)

From what i can tell this retextures the Borg cube adding more "borg like" components.

 david_of_borg 2005-05-14   390.33 KB 616 Comments: 2

Model.png Borg Cube Upgrade

(9 votes)

This is a cube replacement that will make the Borg cube the normal Star Trek size, and replace the textures.

 chris5110uk2k 2002-09-25   289.82 KB 1,683 Comments: 19

Model.png Borg Cube Upgrade

(12 votes)

A nice version of the Borg cube, definetly better than the stock

 chris5110uk2k 2002-10-20   384.58 KB 910 Comments: 7