A2 Borg Sphere A2 Borg Sphere

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Twitch, 2004-01-15

This is an updated Borg Sphere, Its now more powerfull.

Borg Sphere
by Twitch- simdoktor@aol.com

The Borg Sphere was a little weak and useless. I tried a higher-powered phaser and gave it a bit
more punch and a Borg anti-shield torpedo. It is not super but merely improved. All else is
standard but it works better. I retextured it with more detail.

Back up your files then drag these 3 into the folders in the game by the same name.




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#1 8472_of_borg 2004-01-16 10:31
you know this looks like an armored sphere. with this all will be assimilated. :borg: :borg: :borg:
#2 Twitch1 2004-01-20 09:49
Yeas that is the effect I was going for in the texture. Wait till you see the Borg Deathstar when they put it up for download.
#3 8472_of_borg 2004-01-20 11:08
i will be dont worry. the borg will rule all :borg: :borg: :borg:
#4 Captain_Keyboard 2010-07-19 15:42
kudos a definite download!

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