Advanced Tactical Cube Advanced Tactical Cube

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The Master, 2002-06-28

This is just what a tacticle cube should be like. It is be powerful and costs alot. No fusions since they don't exsist in the star trek universe. This is the ideal cube for armada 2

This will add a complete new cube to your arsenal.
But it only has no button, and the Al is not capable of building this cube

(it is only buildeble in instant action)

Technical information:

buildtime: 55 sec
powernodes: 10
Crew: 5500
Dilitihium: 2500
Metal: 1000


3x phaser
1x longrange photontorpedo
1x normalrange photontorpedo

Special weapons:

tractorbeam (to pull disabled vessels out of combat)
self destruct

(holdingbeam and autoassimilator can be used at the same time)

Instalation instructions

I wanted to keep it easy to instal this one.
Everybody should be capeble to do it.

Place: bbattle5.odf in the ships odf folder

Place: bbattle5.SOD in de SOD folder

Place: btphot.odf in the weaponphotons odf folder
(not required it only increases the radius of fire) (keep the original in a save place)

Place: TacBorg.tga in the TexturesRBG folder

Place: byard2.odf in the stations odf folder
(this makes you capable of builing this cube) (keep the original in a save place)

Place: bbattle5.bmp in the Bitmapsadmirals logshipsimagesfolder
(this will add a picture to the admiralslog)

Enyoy and assimilate

If you have any questions or sugestions, e-mail them to:

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#11 viktor 2004-11-24 19:37
How to build this cube? Enybody knows?
#12 Luminaaire 2005-10-11 07:09
"actually if you include the entire Star Trek Universe you find the fusion cube theroy comes from the William Shattener Book "The Return""

Just so everyone knows, William Shatner (or his ghost writer) is possibly the worst author ever.

On topic, I'm going to ask again for everyone's sake - how does one make this work?
#13 Luminaaire 2005-10-11 20:30
Damn you people for making me figure this out - I feel like a genuine nerd now.

For the reference of anyone as big of a technotard as myself, you need to add this line under Borg ships in the tech1 file in the /techtree directory:

bbattle5.odf 2 byard2.odf bupgrade.odf // battleship (Advanced Tactical Cube)

That assuming that you want it to have the same requirements as a normal Tactical Cube.
#14 Viperx00 2006-08-04 04:40
Well i installed this mod the way the readme told me to..

now when i choose to launch intant action, it suddenly pops back to the menu..


Now this may be happening because i only have the demo..

Does this Mod work on the demo or is that why it won't work?

I fail to see why it wouldn't,


Because this mod ROCKS, just by reading it!
#15 Viperx00 2006-08-04 04:48
I'm attempting to creat my own mod.

I want to increase the sovereign's firepower, sheilds and energy bar..

I also want to give it a faster warp speed and more special weapons.

Does anyone know where the files i need to access are?

I've figured out how to play around with that stuff on GTA VICE CITY, just i'm stuck on ARMADA 2.

This is one of my hobbies, i'm suprised i havn't figured out ARMADA 2 yet..
#16 mulege 2008-03-31 11:09
:borg: we the borg would like to know how to mod the Startrek Armada 2 demo

we have been able to mod the grafix and the sound but that is the limit Asist us Please :borg:

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