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Model.png IKS Borg Cube

(17 votes)

Well, what we have here (aside from the name of the file) is a neatly done Borg Cube.

 IKS_Yo_Mama 2006-01-24   333.61 KB 1,005 Comments: 8

Model.png Locutus 1.0

(7 votes)

Locutus's Cube from Armada 1 Its by the guy who created the Engine Overload for the Galor for Armada II.

 TheUnknownOne 2004-10-20   519.41 KB 1,060 Comments: 9

Model.png locutus MOD 1.1

(1 vote)

This mod contains a new model for Locutus's cube, plus adds it Locutus's cube and the Queens diamond to the borg starting units.

 oswarahle 2009-12-20   1.31 MB 322 Comments: 2

Model.png MamaCube

(1 vote)

Well folks, this is a nicely retextures cube, that can build spheres. Taken from the game and edited, this I feel is a nice edition and for any of tho…

 Darthreptus 2006-05-21   593.25 KB 596 Comments: 1

Model.png Mega Modder's Borg Cube 2.0

(7 votes)

This is an excellently textured replacement for the standard Borg Cube.

 Mega Modder 2002-11-15   244.81 KB 724 Comments: 4

Model.png Micheal Raab's Fusion Cube Replacement

(13 votes)

A very nice, more Borg looking, Fusion Cube replacement.

 Micheal Raab 2003-01-15   366.35 KB 804 Comments: 3

Model.png Mobile Assimilation Matrix

(5 votes)

This is the Borg's mobile Assimilation Matrix, a truly huge structure that seems too big to be practically usable by the Borg.

 CanadianBorg 2008-12-27   517.31 KB 527 Comments: 8

Model.png New Borg textures for small ships 1.0

(5 votes)

These are new Borg textures for...well...the Borg. This will overwrite the stock textures for bcruise1,2, and bspeical ships (see pic) and also change…

 Twitch 2004-06-26   1.39 MB 485 Comments: 0

Model.png Night Wolfs Borg Ship Pack

(9 votes)

Some people asked him to make this, so he did! There are three borg ships here, and updated cube,shpere and interceptor.

 Night_Wolf 2004-01-01   561.44 KB 1,389 Comments: 19

Model.png Old tatical cube 1.0

(4 votes)

An intresting Borg texture mod for the tatical cube. It looks like the cube took an acid bath or something.

 Twitch 2004-06-26   2.40 MB 354 Comments: 0