BI2 Version 3.01 Patch BI2 Version 3.01 Patch

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Major A Payne, 2003-04-13

This is a small update that fixes some errors with the original Borg incursion 2 mod. also make sure to get this patch it is unofficiall but MaP does support it.

Firstly, Appologies to all those who download my final version only to find there were still some nasty bugs present. Anyway, this small patch will fix those which have been currently been reported. The fixes are as follows:

- Romulan Crash to Desktop: This is due to a bad spelling error within the AI files. Re-tested and found to be fine now.
- Spelling Errors: Contained in several ODF's. Considered minor but sorted anyway.
- Cardassian problem: Missing texture file caused 2 Obsidian Order vessels to be textureless in game. This has been sorted.
- Borg Crash to desktop: Cause by duplicated HP12 reference within the bdestroy.sod model file. Corrected, re-tested and now working.
- Missing Fed Ship: Guncutter Class totally missing from build list. Re-enabled as was disabled prior to original release. Missing build button also added.
- Missing 8472/8472 addon vessels Bitmaps from the Admirals Log. These have been added.
- Bad crash with species 8472 weapons (phaser based style). Reverted back to original ODF's as unable to rectify problem.

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#1 Guest 2003-04-17 06:13
when you play with the borg, and try to look at the name for the third vessel on the assembly matrix build list, the game crashes
#2 book 2003-04-17 07:03
did you get the unofficial patch?
#3 Whyatica 2003-04-26 12:15
Even after I downloaded this, the borg still crash, and so do 8472. Help?

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