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Major A Payne, 2003-04-13

this is an upgrade of BI2, it adds more ships to some of the races and fixes some bugs. great job MaP.

BORG:Incursion 2 - Counterstrike Expansion (Story Line)
Defeated, and with its fleet of once mighty and feared vessels in tatters, the Borg has been forced back into the furthest reaches of the Delta Quadrant. Species 8472 are continuing in there attempts to purge the galaxy of any race it considers "inferior". The incursion of the Borg has seen fit to give the Federation and its new allied major powers a reason to form a new peace treaty. With its newly rebuilt fleets the Federation plans to make a bold move and enter the Delta quadrant to finally wipe out the Borg. So begins the final chapter in this story, and the counterstrike is underway....

.....As with all projects there tends to be something missing, and as a result I've taken the time to bring additional vessels and some extra stations which I was unable to include in my main project, into this mini expansion, which I hope will be enjoyed by one and all......!!!

Expansion additional information as follows (project version v5.0 Complete)

- Federation Additions: 12 extra vessels and 3 stations.
- Cardassian Additions: 4 extra vessels and 1 station.
- Klingon Additions: 6 extra vessels and 2 stations.
- Romulan Additions: 9 extra vessels and 1 station.
- Minor ODF updates: Nothing to specific. Just a few minor updates for one or two vessels/stations.

Extra Additions
New Counterstrike splash screen base image courtesy of Andrew J. Hodges ( Borg Diamond and Sphere taken from Armada 1. Borg Tactical Cube, my own work (texture courtesy of TGO).

Map Additions
The Counterstrike addon will also install an update for the Map Editor which will give support for the additional vessels, stations and planets which both the BORG: Incursion 2 and Counterstrike uses.

I have also take the time to include 2 maps which are specific to the BORG:Incursion 2 and Counterstrike Project/Expansion. You MUST have both these installed to use them, and effects are unknown if you attempt to use these two maps seperately from within an unmodded game. Details for these two maps are:

Heavy Junk (Filename - MP03HJK.BZN): After the recent war the Helios sector was split into several areas. Player positions are top left, top right and bottom right. There also exists a large area which has a mostly derelict base (host of a recent battle).
Universal Armageddon (Filename - MP04ARM.BZN): A medium sized map finds up to four players. There is a nebula area in the centre with something hidden in it. Resources are mediocre at best, so you'll need to make do with whats there.

- Thunder Class: Classed as a map unit, unbuildable but capturable. (Original mesh created by Redragon (classified by the name "Jeroth class") and made for the cardassian race. Textures made using renders of the high resolution Thunder class, as obtained from With thanks to Westworld for removal of the Thunder class registry.

- Achilles Class: Mesh scratch built by me. Minor rebuild from another modder (texture also redone but original grabbed by myself from Dominion Wars in game pics)
- Akia Class: Kitbash model by me made from Deemons original vessels.
- Ambassador Class: Courtesy of 9ofNine (unchanged but re-exported)
- Arcadia Class: Original creation and design by Luan "redragon" Ngo (this version poly reduced by me. Textures unchanged)
- Darius Class Starbase: Based on the Emmense Class Starbase (original creation by "Don't Shoot"). Scratch built mesh by me with texture from 9ofNines Spacedock.
- Anomie Class: Mesh and texture courtesy of Interstellar Machine.
- Excelsior "B" Type: Original design/concept "Tachy". This version created by Dawn.
- Galaxy Refit (Future version): Mesh and texture created and courtesy of 9ofNine.
- Mediterranean Class: Mesh creation by Omnisight. Original conversion to SOD, Quevey. Texture addition by Bernd(ASDB) & Omnisight.
- Premonition Class: Original version rebuilt using sections from Deemons sovereign and intrepid class meshes. Texture unchanged but reapplied.
- Repulse Class: Kitbashed from Deemons models.
- Sovula Class: Kitbashed from Deemons sovereign and Nebula models with Deemons Nebula high res texture reapplied and 9ofNines Bridge Commander Sovereign texture map for the saucer.
- Wyvern Class: Kitbashed from Cleeve's excellent SoulWolf class (original design/concept courtesy of Atolm.

- All Breen vessels: Originally created by Ben Maxwell.
- Breen shipyard, Varesh Class, Sothak Class, Harass Class, Boreth Class: All kitbashed from stock models.

- BattleBird: Unknown source for this one.
- Duj'yay Class: Borrowed from Kleotol's Xtreme project.
- Lursa Class BOP: Borrowed from Kleotol's Xtreme project.
- MJolnir Class: Unknown source for this one.
- Verstis Class: Kitbash from models distributed with the Xtreme project.
- Vertas Class: Kitbash from models distributed with the Xtreme Project.
- Klingon Battle Platform: Kitbash from stock models.
- Klingon Support Outpost: Kitbash from klingon stock starbase.

- Firehawk Class: Originally created by Thu11 (SFC modeller), replacement nacelles added by me to lower the poly count a little.
- Javelin Class: Originally created by Gul Staxus.
- Romulan D7 Variant: Rear half originally created by Redragon. Front end stock model.
- White Wind Class: Originally created by Gul Staxus. Retextured as necessary.
- Condor Class: Originally created by Dark Razor. Released for A1 by Ben Maxwell.
- Kestrel Class: Kitbashed from Stock models.
- Valdore Class: Originally created by Dawn. Poly lowered to fit in with mod.
- Romulan Support Outpost: Kitbashed from stock models and textured using stock texture maps.
- King Condor Class: Current source is "unknown"
- Praetor Class: Current source is "unknown"
- Shadow Hawk Class: Current source is "unknown"

This expansion could not have been made without the aid and materials from the following people:

Deemon - Modeller and all round great person to know. Also responsible for the many kitbash models contained in this expansion. Without this mans models, and knowledge, the whole project wouldn't have been released and I wouldn't know what I know today.
Westworld - A good friend, and someone who has helped emenseley with all manner of things. Somewhat of an inspiration with his "Big Book Of Modelling".
Quevey - Another good friend who has given me more of a reason to continue and release this project (seems to be after the models!!!!).
9ofNine - Many thanks for the releasing of the models and textures that have been used in this release.

Credit also to the many people who have given me ideas, design scematics and other such information which has proved invaluable and most useful in my modding both Armada games. Credit also to those members of the Taldren Forums (Lord Bile (-LB-), Mind Blip and RavenNX, Zorg, Cleeve and Redragon) for their help, permissions, and general patience concerning all my questions.

It is to these people (and appologies if I've not mentioned you), that I give heartfelt thanks, and with that I'll say hope you enjoy playing my project as much as I have in making it!!!! Have fun!!!

Be warned that whilst bug support is given it will not be given to persons who subsequently alter the files contained in this release. Complaints and bug fixes of this kind will be ignored. This is considered as a friendly warning. However, if there are any bugs found then please use the email address located below and I'll do my upmost to sort out any problems.

Contact Email:
Contact ICQ: UIN 60839084
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#11 chaleten 2003-09-12 23:02
I've read so much praise regarding the BORG-Incursion Mods that i've decided to download this one. I Hope it's worth the 2.5hr download time, I'm sure it will be Rock Meanwhile ,,,Is it possabble to alter the .TGA file that the .SOD file allocates to the ship/station,,,when opened with Notepad,,eg. if i were to copy a .SOD , Re-Name IT and all relevant .ODF's, for the purpose of having two races with the same ship/station BUT look different as well as the .ODF'd difference.I see obscure referances to simmilar names but dont want to mess with it. :o
#12 Guest 2003-09-25 05:55
i was wondering if their are supposed to be campaign missions for BI2 nd Counterstrike?
#13 Angelos1987 2004-01-27 07:55
I have Armada 2 patch 1.1 ,BI II, Bi II patch 3.01 and the Bi II counterstrike installed , but the game crashes if i choose species as AI ... plz help :cry:
#14 Angelos1987 2004-02-14 07:07
OK its fixed...and thanx for that much help... :borg: :roll:
#15 draconis_sharp 2004-06-18 06:01
the Achilles is the grandest ship of all time! it alone is worth the 16MB download. Unfortunately, most of the achilles for armada 2 aren't what they are ment to be, and that would be that they lack 6 powerful pulse phaser emmiters, 2 phaser arrays, forward firing quantum torpedoes, and port and starbord side mini quantum torpedoes. give or take a few of those.

#16 gertjan112 2004-10-12 00:44
really great mod accept for one little thingy, whenever species 8472 tries to fire the game crashes. :o
#17 inexperienced 2004-12-22 07:50
First off, all praise Major Payne. This mod is so extensive, and brings so much to the game, it makes me wonder why those guys over at Activision are actually collecting paychecks for releasing what are essentially, un-finished, incomplete products. "Because the Game Doesn't have to Remain the Same," are words that have made me pick up my dusty, almost forgotten copy of Armada 2--and maybe to a lesser extent, SFC 3--and actually enjoy playing again.

I'm new to the "modding" world, and admittedly know very little about the intracacies, but have been able to pick up a little thanks to these message boards. Now, having admitted that I'm a "newbie," I say this hoping I won't be laughed off the board because I've missed something: Despite the plethora of info on the various bugs and glitches, I too have had little luck correcting crashes involving 8472. This is such an awesome mod in every other respect, it would make a Vulcan cry to know that there is no fix for the problem.

I've seen that you've gotten some pretty negative feedback on this project, so please, do not include me in that group. To have spent a whole year developing something, for no profit (my, the Ferengi would have a feild day with you) definitely deserves some recognition. And then to distribute it freely! All I can say is, "We're not worthy." Forget the nay-sayers, rest assured that the vast majority of us love it.

Having said my peice, I now ask for your help. Everything works beautifully up to the Federation scenario "Staging Grounds." Once 8472 makes an appearance, everything goes down the tubes. Ultimately, if there simply is no fix, oh well. I'm still a huge fan, and hope you continue your work.

Sincerely, Guest.
#18 inexperienced 2004-12-23 09:27
Well, I completely un-installed all components, then re-installed in the following order: The game; the 1.1 patch; BI2; BI2 patch; BI2 Counterstrike.

Since it seemed as though the only glitches that occured had something to do with 8472, the first thing I did was try a random map with 8472 as a player. Happy to report, no errors. Yet, I'm still worried. 8472 won't pop up in the Fed campaign until Staging Ground, which is number 8 or 9 on the scenario list. Someone please tell me I'm not going to fight my way through the whole campaign again just to find out that the glitch is "campaign/scenario-specific," and has nothing to do with the results of my random map test.

Again, I REALLY don't mean to be a whiner, so don't get me wrong. This mod is the greatest thing since sliced bread as far as I'm concerned, if only it weren't for this seemingly minute error. I don't know, maybe if the complaints regarding the bug were a little more specific, a little more detail oriented, i.e.: "the game crashes at this point, in this scenario, in this campaign, with this race, with this ship, using this weapon," maybe M.P. could narrow the search a little and find the holy grail of code that could make this mod perfectly seamless. Well M.P., if you're out there, and if you're listening (and I wouldn't blame you if you weren't), I hope I've helped--if even just a bit.

Then again, if I'm just missing something, will someone take pity on me and point me in the right direction to get this fixed. THX.

#19 inexperienced 2004-12-27 08:09
Once again, I've embaressed myself in public. It's not a new feeling, but you never quite get used to it.

Please disregard comments 16 & 17--I now just use the cheat "kobayashimaru" to jump past the levels where 8472 is giving me trouble. As it seems, there is apparently no real fix, but at least this way those of us who can't make 8472 work can still play through the campaigns.

Thank you--I'll now go bow my head in shame for not thinking of this earlier.

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