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Model.png 9of9's Excelsior Class SOD re-texture

(9 votes)

This is a re-texture of one of the older models around, 9of9's Excelsior class. It's not often you see such a nice re-texture.

 Jetfreak 2007-10-26   3.30 MB 1,383 Comments: 5

Model.png Air Tram

(8 votes)

This is the Air Tram seen briefly in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. It's funny to see it flying in space and going to warp

 Captain Fingers 2002-08-07   381.92 KB 1,176 Comments: 1

Model.png Ajax Class

(18 votes)

Yet another unique, excellent design from Terradyhne! A very nice ship overall, and definetly worth downloading

 Terradyhne 2002-10-11   180.33 KB 2,523 Comments: 10

Model.png Ajax Class by Fireball

(2 votes)

You may not be aware of it, especially if you've only spent time strictly in the canon of Star Trek, but there is a whole wealth of starship design th…

 FIREBALL_IV 2009-09-03   7.39 MB 790 Comments: 4

Model.png Akula by Sniper

(7 votes)

This is a very nice looking Akula from Sgt-Sniper. We do already have several Akula's on the site but this is certainly in competition with the rest…

 Sgt-Sniper 2006-10-19   1.43 MB 842 Comments: 5

Model.png Akula by Sniper Final

(3 votes)

This is the touch up of my Akula class ship, this includes my first pair of alpha channels and a touch up to the nacelles as promised.

 Sgt-Sniper 2008-03-09   292.50 KB 657 Comments: 0

Model.png Akula Class

(9 votes)

Akula Class by Beginner, this an unbelievably Good Version Very nice.

 Beginner 2005-05-18   314.32 KB 1,234 Comments: 15

Model.png Akula Class

(22 votes)

Strange name, but Interesting Ship... The texture is a tad bland, and the Registy doesn't look like a Trek font, but it's a decent ship nonetheless

 Michael Prodanovski 2002-10-11   270.76 KB 647 Comments: 12

Model.png Akula Class 1.1

(2 votes)

This is the TMP Akula Class for A2, though not a personal favourite of mine, she is a nice addition, and although we have several of these ships alrea…

 Gavin1701 2006-10-18   1,021.66 KB 728 Comments: 1

Model.png Akula class starship 1.2

(11 votes)

The Akula class Starship is a TMP era destroyer. While we do already have several Akula's available on the site its always nice to see some competiti…

 Gavin1701 2007-01-20   802.73 KB 1,603 Comments: 7