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Model.png Constitution Class Refit Studymodels

(13 votes)

Wow! It’s not every day we see some early TMP materials on this site.

 R5D5 2007-11-11   4.96 MB 1,251 Comments: 12

Model.png Constitution Class v.2 & Yard & TOS Ships

(18 votes)

You've seen it in the forums, now FahreS' fantastic new Constitution class model can be yours.

 FahreS @ -=WiCKeD=-HARKER 2008-07-01   21.96 MB 1,373 Comments: 21

Model.png Constitution Phase I Trek XI v3.0

(7 votes)

The countdown to opening day in May for the new Star Trek film continues, and here Sin87 graces us with a re-done version of his previously released m…

 Sin87 2008-12-23   2.35 MB 481 Comments: 8

Model.png Constitution Phase I (Star Trek XI Version) v2.0

(3 votes)

Earlier this week Sin released a basic model of the new Enterprise. This new model represents a considerable improvement over that original effort, al…

 Sin87 2008-11-28   1.68 MB 458 Comments: 9

Model.png Constitution Refit

(19 votes)

This is the best Constitution Refit i've ever seen! Lighting, textures, everything is just perfect.

 Captain Fingers 2002-09-07   427.94 KB 2,705 Comments: 15

Model.png Daedalus Class

(8 votes)

This ship was mentioned many times in TOS. Fingers did a nice job on it, and its worth a download if you're a TOS buff

 Captain Fingers 2002-08-07   458.17 KB 1,876 Comments: 5

Model.png Daedalus Class by Fireball

(6 votes)

The oddest of Starfleet's designs, the Daedalus class features a giant donut-hole of a saucer section attached to a series of cylindrical sections to…

 FIREBALL_IV 2008-08-30   2.63 MB 666 Comments: 7

Model.png dinosaurJR's TOS mini ship pack

(3 votes)

This is a truly awesome preview of the Beginnings mod from dinosaurJR. As mods go, there are few I'm looking forward to more than Beginnings simply be…

 DinosaurJR 2008-05-14   1.13 MB 801 Comments: 5

Model.png Dr. Slims Excelsior

(4 votes)

Here we have another Excelsior Class to the collection of those we already have.

 Dr. Slim 2006-10-09   1.99 MB 1,371 Comments: 5

Model.png Dy 100

(4 votes)

This is the DY-100 class that Khan was in suspended animation in for almost 200 years.

 Captain Fingers 2002-08-07   313.32 KB 866 Comments: 2