Akula Class Akula Class

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Beginner, 2005-05-18

Akula Class by Beginner, this an unbelievably Good Version Wink Very nice.

akula class destroyer

this ship is the second in a line of tmp ships and stations i will release

install instructions

1. sod's in the sod directory

2. textures in the textures rgb directory

3. akula.odf in the odf/ships folder.

4. tmpphas1 and tmpphas1o in the odf/ weapons/ phasers folder

5. tmpphoton and tmpphotono in the odf/ weapons/ photons folder

5. add

akula .odf 0

to the tech1 folder and fulltech techtrees

6. add

buildItemXX = "akula"
to a shipyard (where XX is the next number in line from the previous one e.g/ buildItem1


Major A. Payne should get all the credit for his pride class, all i did was rearrange the parts
and make the odf's.

captain fingers was originally creditted from Major A. Payne's Pride class


1. this ship will look best when built from a sanfransisco class shipyard

2. this requires the original weapons.spr file

3. if any problems should arrise i take no responsibility but i will try to fix any problems found

4. if anyone can make a buildbutton that works could they please email it to me at the address below

activision, it's affiliates, sub-divisions or any other part of the company did not make this mod, if their is a fault please do not try to contact them
all they did was provide the engine.

all startrek related items are copyrighted paramount



P.S. if the model appears to have mis aligned hardpoints and / or non working hardpoints, please try to fix it yourself, as i haven't got the foggiest idea how.

to say again i believe all credit should go to Major A. Payne and Captain Fingers

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#11 Beginner 2005-06-02 17:12
i'm working on the churchill, it should be done by the end of the week
#12 Doom369 2005-07-30 18:36
yeah Churchill!!!! Cool
#13 Shadow51689 2005-08-10 21:17
Almost perfect model, but the top nacelle should be brought foward more, giving it that refit Akula 'sleek' look.

Rexcom made one for A1 A LOOONG time ago, almost identical to this one, but with a proper top nacelle brought in more.
#14 Shadow51689 2005-08-10 21:20
You have some missing/backwards faces on the bottom naccelle support, but it's not visable ingame very much, so its not too much a problem.
#15 data_ghost 2008-06-02 11:36
sort of a 2 nacelled constellation. cool stuff :thumbsup:

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