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Model.png Mohawk Class

(36 votes)

One word: WOW!!!!!!!! Arguably Terradyhne's best model yet! A better look at this beauty:DOWNLOAD!

 Terradyhne 2002-10-18   453.46 KB 3,379 Comments: 7

Model.png NX Class (Retexture)

(6 votes)

And another retexture by Jetfreak, this time for the NX-Class by Deemon. Jetfreak updated the textures with some from P81, which makes the ship looki…

 Jetfreak 2008-01-17   1.17 MB 1,271 Comments: 6

Model.png NX Prototype

(9 votes)

Its the NX Prototype seen in Star Trek: Enterprise.

 Spectre 2004-03-13   315.04 KB 1,092 Comments: 5

Model.png NX-02

(11 votes)

An NX 02 model for Armada 2.This models poly count is around 8180, so if you put this into your Armada game be prepared for some lag (even a power pc…

 Fleet Admiral Raphaela 2005-01-26   1.19 MB 1,351 Comments: 0

Model.png NX-Defiant 1.0

(4 votes)

This is a retexture/revamp of the NX-Defiant class ship. This will add a much more accurate Defiant class (This is the defiant) to your A2 Install.

 wrath of khan 2005-08-01   653.10 KB 790 Comments: 1

Model.png NX-Refit

(3 votes)

This release is a realitvely high poly model (6447) so may have some lag problems on lower end systems.

 Major A Payne 2011-10-15   3.39 MB 778 Comments: 0

Model.png NZ Class Starship

(2 votes)

Well, this one and the NW Class (also by Majest) are some lovely Enterprise-era vessels (or at least what look to be kit bashes).

 Majestic 2006-08-25   4.34 MB 656 Comments: 4

Model.png Oberth Class

(2 votes)

It's been a while since we've seen any new content featuring the Oberth class starship.

 FIREBALL_IV 2009-02-13   1.19 MB 565 Comments: 3

Model.png Pallada Class 1.0

(3 votes)

This is a Constitution variant created for the destroyer and support role. The Pallada was known for being durable and rugged, making her an excellen…

 Jetfreak 2011-01-20   1.97 MB 812 Comments: 8

Model.png Phoenix

(5 votes)

This would be Zefram Cochran's first warp-capable ship, made for Armada II. Bit small, and could do with a little more detail, but overall, it isn't g…

 Lord_Agros 2007-04-21   529.75 KB 738 Comments: 13