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Model.png Loknar Class Frigate 1.0.0.

(2 votes)

This is the Loknar Class Frigate, a TOS era vessel that is slotted below the Constitution class in strength.

 FIREBALL_IV 2008-02-21   4.91 MB 694 Comments: 7

Model.png Mars class 1.0

(2 votes)

This is the Mars class battleship from the Starfleet Battles board games. It is basically a four-nacelled, better armed version of the Federation clas…

 Pizza the Hutt 2010-10-27   2.07 MB 523 Comments: 2

Model.png Merced class light cruiser 1.0

(3 votes)

The Merced class is one of those ships that have been mentioned, but never shown on screen.

 Pizza the Hutt 2010-11-07   4.05 MB 508 Comments: 2

Model.png Merchant Man Cargo Ship

(7 votes)

This ship made an oh-so breif appearance in ST: 3, but now Fingers has made it so it can replace the standard Federation Cargo ship

 Captain Fingers 2002-10-21   554.90 KB 854 Comments: 2

Model.png Metropolitan Class

(8 votes)

Now this is something new (and I mean new). Actually a brand new vessel, with a brand new design, that (as quoted) fits in between the Excelsior &…

 R5D5 2006-11-24   1.52 MB 692 Comments: 10

Model.png Michael Kelly's NX Mod

(3 votes)

This is basically Deemon's NX Class with Borg Textures and Missles.

 Michael Kelly 2002-09-29   1.11 MB 1,142 Comments: 2

Model.png Mir Class

(5 votes)

Here is my first model, the Mir class, for Armada II. The sod was created using Milkshape 3d, and I did the new textures and build button in paintsho…

 Iggy 2002-11-12   578.63 KB 686 Comments: 8

Model.png Miranda Class

(3 votes)

Originally the Reliant in Star Trek II, the Miranda class starship has become one of the most common sights throughout the runs of the Next Generation…

 Aerilon 2009-12-12   3.00 MB 1,148 Comments: 1

Model.png Miranda Class

(36 votes)

This is the Miranda class seen in Star Trek 2: The Wrath Of Khan. Chakotay has created a replica worthy to the original TWOK model.

 CHAKOTAY PRODUCTIONS INC 2002-08-02   288.18 KB 6,897 Comments: 12

Model.png Mirror universe NX

(9 votes)

This is the Mirror universe NX for Star Trek Armada II, ported from bridge commander. You might wan't to beware of the poly count on this one.

 1_Beta_1 2005-08-01   9.27 MB 1,390 Comments: 24