Akula by Sniper Akula by Sniper

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Sgt-Sniper, 2008-03-09

This is the touch up of my Akula class ship, this includes my first pair of alpha channels and a touch up to the nacelles as promised.

Hello everyone

Sorry you guys havnt heard from me in a while
had exams, deadlines, all sorts to keep up with,

This is a slight touch up on the nacelles as promised and this now features alpha channels

Its a first though so the alpha channels may be a bit messy but the textures definately dont
glow like they did and the lighting comes out where it needs to be.

Anyway enjoy

1) Copy and paste over the original texture files for my other akula versions which can be found

Then the patch


Once they have both been installed, just copy these 2 texture files over and click yes to
overwrite files.

Simple As, enjoy ^^

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