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Model.png Akula Patch 1.1

(4 votes)

This file is required. This patch upgrades Sniper's Akula by giving it suggested-darker textures, a wireframe and build button based off the same tex…

 Sgt-Sniper 2006-10-22   368.19 KB 645 Comments: 0

Model.png Akyazi class

(13 votes)

Nice 'older' style of federation ship

 Terradyhne 2003-05-04   447.56 KB 1,907 Comments: 7

Model.png Alternate Reality (2009) ship pack

(12 votes)

This pack contains alternate reality versions of several TOS era (FASA/Franz Joseph) starfleet ships: the Federation class dreadnought, Ptolemy class…

 Pizza the Hutt 2010-08-01   1.59 MB 750 Comments: 14

Model.png Andorian and Tellarite ships

(5 votes)

Brilliant work from the "Zero Hour Rejects" department, as Aad Moerman gives us the Tellarite T'Garim class and Andorian Miklon class warships as seen…

 Aad Moerman 2009-11-14   2.19 MB 803 Comments: 4

Model.png APCM Class

(10 votes)

This ship is a slight variant of a Constitution class. It has a nebula-like doo-hickey on the rear of the Saucer Section.

 APCMmkII 2002-08-01   126.93 KB 1,113 Comments: 1

Model.png Apocalypse ENT era ships

(18 votes)

Enterprise Era Ships, NX, NV, NW from Apocalypse.

 Transmission 2005-06-07   1.49 MB 3,232 Comments: 23

Model.png Araxes Class (TMP) V1.0

(2 votes)

The Araxes Class Attack Cruiser is a variant of the aging Akula Class and soon after these ships began to be constructed the Araxes Class replaced the…

 Captain Rich 2008-09-19   2.46 MB 602 Comments: 3

Model.png Araxes Class V2.0 V2.0

(7 votes)

The Araxes class Destroyer is a destroyer first introduced to us in StarFleet Command Volume II : Orion Pirates.

 Captain Rich 2008-09-27   5.20 MB 945 Comments: 7

Model.png Archer and Atlantis low res by 2

(3 votes)

This is the final version of the Archer and Atlantis class ships. 1 I have updated the textures to include better bussard collectors 2 a better def…

  smooth3dmodels 2010-02-20   2.79 MB 708 Comments: 0

Model.png Archer Class high poly!

(9 votes)

This is an 8000+ poly model with 2048x2048 textures for armada 2. It is a redesign of the NX-01 Class Cruiser.

 captianmacgyver 2010-02-19   19.33 MB 1,053 Comments: 6