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draconis_sharp, 2005-03-17

This secondary shield increases the regeneration rate of a ship or station that uses it. A very useful weapon for a ship that may be underpowered against an enemy.

This is a small mod that is quite nice for the tougher battleships in Armada2.
This special weapon gives your ship the ability to repair faster and increase shield recharge rate, effectively making shields stronger thus, it is tougher to kill.
Unfortunately, you'll have to add the weapon to ships on your own. A simple task really.

First you need to add the special weapon file to the corresponding folder.

Next, you need to add this line to the file (just copy and paste):

dcandss.odf 0

Next, you need to add this line to the gui_global.spr file (add that under the build buttons section):

b_dcandss gbfrepair00 0 0 64 64

Finally, you need to add this somewhere inside a ship odf file (X is a varriable for any available/free number):

weaponX = "dcandss"
weaponHardpointsX = "hpXX"

(*for hardpoints just use a hardpoint from any other weapon; it does not have to be free {ex. hp12 or hp09}, but weapon numbers must be the next number in the series of weapons {ex. weapon6 = "dcandss" //press_return// weaponHardpoints6 = "hp12"}*)

Pretty simple eh? No you say? Well, you can always read the forums and learn from others.



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#1 Karle94 2007-07-15 07:28
A perfect weapon for the Scimitar becouse it allows you to have shields while cloaked

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