Species 8472 Pulse weapon Species 8472 Pulse weapon

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icewolf132, 2008-01-29

Well here we have a little nugget of a mod that gives Species 8472 Pulse weapon are more authentic apperance and sound. The weapon's texture looks quite excellent, much better than the stock as they have light flares akin to the weapon's look in the Voyager episode - Scorpion while the sound of the weapon is far better than the stock audio. All-in-all it's a small addon but it is definitely worth it as not many Species 8472 mods pop up that often.


Species 8472 Pulse weapon V1.0

This is a simple weapon mod that gives Species 8472 their own uniqe pulse texture and sound rather than bumming off of the Klingons.


Just extract the zip into your Armada 2 directory (Default; C:\Program Files\Activision\Star Trek Armada II), and overwrite if asked.

For you modders out there here's the sprite info so you don't have to dig for it;

In weapon.spr find pphaser

and put this above the comment;

# 8472 Pulse phaser

sppulse w8472pulse 0 0 128 32


All original ODFs, original 8472 pulse texture (Gemini Effect sod texture), and the new 8472 weapon sound were created by Activision (Star Trek: Armada II), and edited by Icewolf132.

Feel free to use this in any mod and to modify it to your liking, but please contact me before hand.

I can be contacted by email at stevewolf87_at_gmail_dot_com. You can also contact me by PMing Icewolf on phoenixgalacticalliance.com, Icewolf132 on armada2files.com, or icewolf132 on armadafleetcommand.com.

Thank you, and always remeber...the weak shall perish.

Version  1.0  Author  icewolf132  Website   
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#1 Chiletrek 2008-01-29 10:27

At last! a proper 8472 pulse weapon instead of the borrowed Klingon sprite.

Simple amazing!! 100/10 Rock

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