Singularity Torpedo Singularity Torpedo

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Lord_hanson, 2005-02-17

This is a small weapon mod for A2, its an ion cannon that was deisnged to be used by the breen.

Armada 2 singularity Torpedo.
By Lord_hanson


This is basically a modified Ion Cannon. it was designed to be used by the breen. I thought that my breen ships needed something to set them apart from my dominion ships. This can be used for any race on any ship. This is my first weapon to be made so be gentle with the comments.

How to install:

1. Copy the two .ODF files into ODF/special_weapons.

2. Next go into the sprites folder and open gui_global.spr. Go to the borg build buttons, here you will notice that the special weapons buttons are here add:

b_gbreentorp gbplasmac00 0 0 64 64

3. Now go into the techtree folder. Open and add the following line to the team that will be ussing the weapon.

gbreentorp.odf 0

4. Now open the file in the same folder. Add the same line

gbreentorp.odf 0

5. Now open the .odf file for the ship(s) you wish to add the weapon to. Put the following lines under the last weapon:

//Singularity Torpedo
weaponx = "gbreentorp"
weaponHardpointsx = "hp?"

Replace the "x" with the number of the weapon. Replace the "?" with the number that a torpedo use's on the ship.

6. Remember have fun!

Copyright and Distribution Permissions

Copyright notices:

Star Trek, Star Trek Armada II, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager (and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright Paramount Pictures, as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions. If you use this model in any Star Trek Armada project please include this file or at least credit to the creators. Please do not modify this file or the included texture with out seeking the author�s opinion. Nothing legal here, it is just polite.

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#1 STGamerNew2002 2005-02-17 15:04
Hello there Lord_hanson,

Congrads on your first mod submitting here. It's good that you gave it a shot here to see what's up. I haven't tried it yet, but just checking your files here to see what you made in 'changes'. Not much, which again for a first timer it's all cool. Here's one little tip you may want to keep out for:

// this special weapon can be assimilated by the borg tech assimilator

assimilatable = "klipod1"

If this isn't a Klingon weapon, it be best to make the changes so it won't cause any kind of 'game use confliction' here. I see your weapon is using the same weapon's pod as the stocked Klingon one. This may cause a game crash prob(?), so to be on the safe side, the best thing to do to SEPERATE a new weapon that uses the basic 'info detail' like this:

// this special weapon can be assimilated by the borg tech assimilator

// assimilatable = "klipod1"

What I did was added the extra '//' in front of the 'assimilatable = "klipod1" '. Or easier, just delete that whole lines there. There for, the game can tell the difference of what 'Ion Cannon' weapon is being use. :-)

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