Star Trek Armada 2.5 (sample pack) #3 Star Trek Armada 2.5 (sample pack) #3

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draconis_sharp, 2004-07-15

this is sample pack 3 from armada 2.5 team it adds the Federation Gattling Gun and Federation Linear Cannon. kool!! the armada 2.5 team wont your comments on if it works and weather u like it or not. So either leave comments here or email them at


This sample from Armada 2.5 includes 2 new weapons (not special weapons), the "Federation Gattling Gun" (why they'd need one I would not know) and the "Federation Linear Cannon" (not too bad for this one, it's the longest range weapon in the game).


Here I go again, just put everything in the right folders.

Add the weapons to whatever ship you want by opening up the ship .odf or with a modder utility.

add in "fgattling" for the gattling gun or "flinearcannon" for the linear cannon.

The other odfs are for the weapon odfs to refer to, so don't add their file names.

Just a suggestion, you should use them to replace standard weapons instead of in addition to them. These weapons aren't really federation style so tell me what you think should be done with them. Oh, and they use 1 special energy for every shot, so equip them to ships that have non-recharging special energy (just set recharge to zero).

Contact Me At:

I would suggest that you not use this in your own mod, but if you must have it in there tell me first.

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#1 steel2 2004-07-15 03:18
i dont think you should release "sample packs", you should wait till your finished the project, its better to make ppl wait. but thats my opinion
#2 Deathbyteacup 2004-07-15 03:59
Yeah Steal but you know draconis_sharp by now, any and every opertunity to plug his mod. He'll probably relese the entire thing in 400kb bitesize sections. :P
#3 Matt_el_G 2004-07-15 05:44
...five times each, and then tell us about each one on every single file comments section on Armada2files... :lol:
#4 draconis_sharp 2004-07-18 12:11
what you guys talkin 'bout? Anyway, I need to tell you guys that I was on a short 4 day vacation and couldn't answer my email. Came home early just to check it and guess what, I only got two, TWO! It was a nice relaxing vacation, kinda. I still worked on the mod, but actually was able to test my stuff finally. The linear cannon has something wrong with it. I'm not sure what it is yet, but I think I might have mispelled the name of a sprite or .wav file. I hope I found out sometime soon. My stupid Fed holding beam is a piece of crap. It doesn't work properly. It keeps locking on to friendly ships, but they have no effect on enemy ships. I do have an excuse for not being able to tow them though, they have to use all their power just to keep it in place... how about that. The gattling gun works fine, but it's very weak if you use fewer than four per ship. I added them to a romulan whitewind destroyer and made up an excuse that they were good for tearing up fighters which isn't far from the truth.
#5 draconis_sharp 2004-07-18 12:15
The reason why I'm releasing all of the samples is to get anticipation up. To be honest, I have barely given anything good out yet.

I've also got orbiting battle stations now! 8)

Only the Klingons and Fed have them right now.

DS9 is also playing a bigger part in the mod, but it is mainly still in R&D right now. I almost screwed up the whole damn thing today.
#6 draconis_sharp 2004-07-18 12:24
I will release my new "Large Phase-Compression Cannon" soon. It has much better range than a normal phaser, fires faster, and is more powerful to! I've only equipped it to one ship so far, but it does pretty well against just about everything.

I've been trying out my fighters in different ways and I found that the best way to use them in large numbers you want to use them in /redalert, highmovementautonomy, and nospecialweaponautonomy/

They give the best combat results that way because they are harder to hit and harder for a human to click on. It's all about the least micro-managent and the most pre-programing.
#7 draconis_sharp 2004-07-18 13:40
sorry about all the words, but sometimes I just have to get it out of my system. I hope this isn't the post that broke the modder's back.
#8 jackt010 2004-07-30 22:30
sorry i'm new when is armada 2.5 commin out then? :o
#9 draconis_sharp 2004-07-31 10:39
I will release it by the end of the year if everything goes as planned. If I don't finish in time I will release a beta version.
#10 draconis_sharp 2004-08-09 06:30
I finally figured out what was wrong with the linear cannon. If you haven't already fixed it yourselves or you don't know how just tell me if you want the fix.

The fixed version will be in the final mod.

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