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Terra_Inc, 2008-11-27

This is actually version 2.0 of the Donut Weapons but I decided to release it as Sprinkle Pack v1.0 because it also looks good on normal ships. This pack contains EIGHT different flavoured Sprinkles.
Please note that the Sprinkles DO NOT require the Donut although they were intended to be used with them when released as "Donut Weapons" v1.0.
And believe me - they ARE fun!


Sprinkle Pack (a.k.a. Donut Weapons 2.0) by Terra_Inc

Well, how to begin? Again I have the pleasure of presenting a tasty mod. Some time ago I created a weapon for FahreS' Donuts. The "donut weapon" is a pulse phaser that fires different coloured (or flavoured) chocolate sprinkles. After the release of v1.0 I played around with my creation but I thought it would be nice to have more colours (or flavours). I decided to add them and release all of them together as v2.0.

Version 2.0 of the Sprinkles contains eight different flavoured Sprinkles (including the four flavours from v1.0). The Sprinkle flavours are: Blue, Purple, Red/Pink, Yellow/Orange, Green, Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate.

Note that although these weapons were intended to be joke weapons for donuts you can also use them as joke weapons for "real" ships. Makes them more tasty.

Have fun!

Terra Weapon Systems Inc.

Credits, Thanks and Dedications
The Donut these weapons were created for was made by FahreS. Thanks for such a great ship!

This mod is dedicated to all the people who can laugh about Donut jokes. ;-)

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Downloading NOW! 10/10! Thank You very much! 'Nuff Said!

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