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Map.png thunderfoot's first map pack

(1 vote)

Chief_Chainsaw started a forum thread about large maps. The more I have play tested the few maps I have made, the more I have come to agree with him a…

 thunderfoot006 2009-08-01   851.65 KB 282 Comments: 4

Map.png TJPA2map

(5 votes)

Well, a nice additional map for the community, this one from (what appears to be) a future MOD in the making...

 Trevor J Plikington 2006-01-26   454.21 KB 241 Comments: 1

Map.png Triad

(1 vote)

Another unique map from Addleskull. The design is a little hard to describe , so take a look at the pic

 Addleskull 2002-07-16   29.66 KB 243 Comments: 1

Map.png Twilight's Last 1.1

(1 vote)

Hello, and thank you for downloading my map. I became interested in making A2 maps because I have pretty much played all the ones which I like that ar…

 thunderfoot006 2009-07-17   135.52 KB 248 Comments: 3

Map.png Un-Measured

(4 votes)

Un-Measured, its of a rather intresting design... check it out for yourself.

 Bloodenator 2004-01-02   38.31 KB 409 Comments: 1

Map.png United Earth 1.0

(5 votes)

This is an interesting four player map, it has many derelict federation ships in the center, go there at once and use this to your advantige.

 Sweldon 2003-04-02   29.31 KB 715 Comments: 0

Map.png Wars Map

(1 vote)

This map is called wars. An 8 player map where everyone starts in the middle. Their are 8 planets and a blackhole in the middle.

 Anda01 2005-06-17   15.45 KB 222 Comments: 0

Map.png Xmas Time

(3 votes)

Merry Christmas everybody! This is a map by Darkrenamon that's specially designed for the festive period.

 Darkrenamon 2009-12-24   75.48 KB 223 Comments: 0

Map.png XWars

(1 vote)

Well, I haven't a clue on this maps look nor feal, I only know that it is a 4-player map.

 Sweldon 2006-10-09   19.25 KB 439 Comments: 1