Xmas Time Xmas Time

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Darkrenamon, 2009-12-24

Merry Christmas everybody! Smile

This is a map by Darkrenamon that's specially designed for the festive period. It's quite playable with perfectly adequate resources and space, despite being more of a drawing for the mini map. The massive nebula field in the middle of the map doesn't really have much of an effect on gameplay seeing as it's mostly metaphasic nebulae, and absent of any resources in the middle there isin't really a huge amount of point entering it in the first place.

So all in all, probably better to look at than to play, but still worth a look. Smile

- Freyr

A map for 4 players. On this map you can find many Latinum nebulas and 2 intfinity dilithium moons. I have changed the colour from the light in red, green, blue and yellow for the feeling. The stations and ships look very nice in this light.

What can i say now? hmmm.... oh yes, Merry Christmas 2009.

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