Un-Measured Un-Measured

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Bloodenator, 2004-01-02

Un-Measured, its of a rather intresting design... Wink check it out for yourself.

A) Download and Installation
B) Contents
C) Creator Info

A) Download and Installation
Steps to follow to begin playing your maps

1) Simply download the map pack from the site.
2) Unzip all files to your bzn folder
(Usually: C:\ProgramFiles\Activision\StarTrekArmada2\bzn)
3) Enjoy maps in Instant Action or Multiplayer

B) Contents
The map included is as follows:

1) Un-Measured
This map is totally un-measured!(very unlike me)

C) Creator Info
Bloodenator is my name and I hope you enjoy these maps as much as I had making them!

Version    Author  Bloodenator  Website   
Downloads  494  Size  38.31 KB  Created  2004-01-02 



#1 Guest 2004-01-05 10:23
This map is a definatly a download for me!


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