United Earth United Earth

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Sweldon, 2003-04-02

this is an interesting four player map, it has many derelict federation ships in the center, go there at once and use this to your advantige.

I would use the romulans in this map(or any for that mater) because of the cloaking abilities you can have fleets of ships waiting at the wormhole, cloaked.

great map Rock

BTW: to install it just throw all the files in your bzn folder.

Created By : Sweldon " AKA [UEF]FAdm_E4R /Energy4Release"
Activison not responsible for this Map and it's action.
This map is What I personaly rate as a Fair Map.
Please enjoy
E4R "Weldon/SWeldon"
If you'd like me to make a map email me at :

Version  1.0  Author  Sweldon  Website   
Downloads  782  Size  29.31 KB  Created  2003-04-02 


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