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Map.png 12th Hole

(6 votes)

This map is basically with use for a quick fleet war. Make sure you put settings as unlimited resources and crew and max officers, otherwise it won't…

 Unknown / Anonymous 2002-08-05   30.90 KB 648 Comments: 0

Map.png 16 Four Player Maps

(2 votes)

This is a collection of 16 four player maps. Just unzip the .zip file into your Armada2 directory.

 Unknown / Anonymous 2004-07-31   696.94 KB 2,116 Comments: 0

Map.png 2vs2 Tournament Map

(2 votes)

One of the best maps for 2vs2, and a fair one at that

 Unknown / Anonymous 2002-07-16   26.66 KB 908 Comments: 0

Map.png 4 Corners map

(6 votes)

This map is seperated into four sections, with relatively sparse resources and the wormholes terminating in the middle of a walled in blue nebula.

 Wraith Shadow 2006-10-22   1.43 MB 550 Comments: 4

Map.png 4 Green A2

(3 votes)

This is a re-creation of the original 4 green map from Armada I. Overall, it looks balanced.

 Ntanel StormBlade 2007-07-19   104.03 KB 412 Comments: 7

Map.png 4 Player Jedi Map Pack 1.0

(3 votes)

This map pack includes three-4 player maps. They are all very similar, and the only difference between them are added or removed resources, and they a…

 Hokan 2004-08-27   115.13 KB 834 Comments: 2

Map.png 4 Player Team map

(1 vote)

This is a team map, a good one by the looks of it. SWeldon spent 3 days of testing, so bugs probably won't occur.

 Sweldon 2003-04-18   64.61 KB 695 Comments: 7

Map.png 4 Player War

(1 vote)

For a first map, honestly, it's not too bad. Perhaps a little bare, but it's certainly spacious (bigger then the stock "Warzone") and is half the play…

 incanas 2006-07-03   53.07 KB 531 Comments: 2

Map.png 4 Unlimited Resources

(3 votes)

As the title cleverly says, this map is made primnarily for unlimited resources play, not much else can be done otherwise.

 DocAE 2002-06-07   18.95 KB 501 Comments: 0

Map.png 4Alliance

(4 votes)

This map is loosely based on the map Archeron, but with more resources, and 4 players instead of 2.

 CBorg 10 of 100 2002-06-06   26.93 KB 827 Comments: 0