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Map.png Centre

(2 votes)

As the name imples, this map is centered in , where there are nebulae and ships.

 [AUFC] Admiral Kirk 2002-06-07   31.22 KB 378 Comments: 0

Map.png Chris Map 2

(1 vote)

This map is ok, though the asteriod fields could be a bit thinner...

 Harrod2000 2002-06-07   27.62 KB 331 Comments: 1

Map.png Circuit

(1 vote)

This is the most creative map i've seen . In order to get to the enemy's base, you have to run "The Circuit", which is a series of wormholes.

 Sidyous 2002-06-07   54.68 KB 405 Comments: 4

Map.png Coalitions

(0 votes)

A pretty basic designed map, nothing out of the ordinary.

 DubeBone 2002-06-07   22.43 KB 283 Comments: 0

Map.png Cobra

(2 votes)

As the name suggests, this map is shaped somewhat like a cobra, with twists and turns as you travel to the enemie's base =) A good map, and worth a d…

 Unknown / Anonymous 2002-07-16   33.92 KB 401 Comments: 5

Map.png Corrected tourney map

(0 votes)

I must confess I made a mistake with the previous map. While this is the same actual map in terms of positioning of everything the previous map was…

 Freyr 2006-08-19   68.38 KB 553 Comments: 1

Map.png Cross Map

(2 votes)

This is a pretty cool map that He made, very nice for MPlayer Games.

 Pinky 2005-05-18   30.80 KB 344 Comments: 0

Map.png Dead Space for FleetOps ONLY

(2 votes)

Four player map for Fleet Operations. This is your basic rectangular map that is basically nothing more than a common 2vs2 type of map.

 Omega_Mod_God 2009-11-21   29.73 KB 286 Comments: 0

Map.png Deep Space Map

(7 votes)

Another new file and another new member to the modding community, here we have "Deep Space" from Darkrenamon.

 Darkrenamon 2007-11-16   18.80 KB 473 Comments: 3

Map.png Defense

(0 votes)

This map is a fairly large map, spit into 7 small areas (3 top/4 bottom) and 2 large areas.

 johndavid240 2003-10-14   47.77 KB 358 Comments: 1