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Map.png Online tourney map

(1 vote)

This is the map that will be used in the online mod tourney taking place on August the 19th at 2100H (GMT) If your interested in taking part then pl…

 Freyr 2006-08-18   68.37 KB 384 Comments: 0

Map.png orions arms version 1-3 1-3

(3 votes)

----------------------------------------------version 1----------------------------------------- Discription: The map is a reprsentation of the Orion…

 Captain_H 2003-03-14   261.85 KB 328 Comments: 3

Map.png Paul map pack

(0 votes)

This is captavating map pack Lower your Shields and surrender your ship you will be assimilated your technological and biological distinctiveness wi…

 TNG Trekkie 1701 2003-05-24   86.75 KB 428 Comments: 0

Map.png premonition shipyards 2

(2 votes)

A remake of my Premonition Shipyards for Armada II. This time the map a bit smaller to make it more fun well I hope so anyway Last Year the database…

 Jeri Hansen 2008-03-15   309.98 KB 318 Comments: 8

Map.png Radio Active Nebula 1.0

(1 vote)

Another great map by jeri!!! i think everyone needs to download this!!

 Jeri Hansen 2002-10-17   57.57 KB 226 Comments: 0

Map.png Radio Active Nebula 2.0

(0 votes)

The sequal to jeri's last map

 Jeri Hansen 2002-10-17   70.70 KB 236 Comments: 5

Map.png Radio Active Nebula V2

(0 votes)

Well you have to got the Right Wormhole or you end up in the Radioactive Nebula but this time the Nebula bigger and your base is bigger too.

 Unknown / Anonymous 2002-11-02   70.70 KB 270 Comments: 2

Map.png Squares 1.0

(0 votes)

This is a large map for A2 split up into many small squares connected by wormholes.

 TopDogJWJW 2008-03-08   77.60 KB 218 Comments: 2

Map.png Star System 15

(2 votes)

This map is like the Galactic Core with a lot nebula and a M Class planet at the center.

 Sonic14 2005-07-03   56.45 KB 272 Comments: 0

Map.png Star System 16

(2 votes)

Another Beautiful map by Sonic14, this one has more nebulas and asteriods, very nice addition to anyones collection.

 Sonic14 2005-07-03   73.54 KB 258 Comments: 1