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Sweldon, 2006-10-09

Well, I haven't a clue on this maps look nor feal, I only know that it is a 4-player map. It says in the readme that there is a mini-map picture in the file, yet if the user calls that a "mini-map picture" I have cause for concern.

I guess its down to you lot to rate this one and give feedback for others.


This is a new map I have created in remembrance of the good old day where I always built a map.
The mini-map is there so is the read me the editor created.
My read me is as follows:
Play the game and have some fun. :)
Made by:
Aka SWeldon

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#1 weldon 2006-10-09 05:52
I also for got to send you guys the map picture i designed for it .. LoL .. Sorry about that I'll send it right away.

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